Thursday, 4 March 2010


UKIP's Marta Andreasen wrote an open letter to David Cameron about the EU's latest assault on our freedoms - European Public Prosecutor (EPP), which is being planned by the EU. To date, she has received no reply.

What is EPP?

The EPP's office will have the power to prosecute, arrest and imprison people in our islands, on his orders - for months, with no public hearing. Police can come knocking on your door in the middle of the night to cart you away, and hold you for long months without charge or evidence.
We must not allow this to happen.

The intention of establishing an EPP's office was elicited from the neo-Commissioner, A Semeta, by UKIP's Marta Andreasen, during the EP hearings of the new Commissioners on January 12th.

This should be THE BIG issue facing us. Each member state has a veto over the establishment of an EPP.

We must raise the question - loudly, publicly, and BEFORE the election - of where each British political party stands on this.

The Lib Dems will welcome the EPP (the unspeakable Graham Watson boasts that he is the godfather of the dreadful European Arrest Warrant which, by the way, is just a foretaste of what the EPP holds in store for us).

Labour, when asked by Lord Stoddart where it stands on this, announced (Feb 9th) that it opposes the establishment of an EPP.

However, the decision to support or veto the EPP proposal will have to be made after the UK's general election. It will therefore be the decision of the next British government; the current government's announced opposition to the EPP will not bind a future government.

So what is Cameron's position on it?

Marta Andreasen sent Cameron an open letter (also given below), which was copied to all the members of both Houses of Parliament on February 4th, to ask him if he would pledge to veto any proposal for an EPP.

Philip Johnston had already written about it in the Telegraph on 1st February, posing the same question. The leader of UKIP, Lord Pearson, posed the  question in his blog, on 17th February.

So far there has been no response from Cameron.

This is a crucial question. UKIPers and all eurosceptics should hammer away at this issue, writing to their MPs, posing the question on their blogs, until we get an answer.

Should we fail to veto the proposal, the EU WILL set up its own Prosecutor's Office.

Once the principle of the Prosecutor's office has been accepted, it will be impossible to resist the call for the EPP to have his own rule book - Corpus Juris - and then his own enforcement agents - the European Gendarmerie Force.

That prospect alone should shock millions of Britons.

The European Arrest Warrant is but a smidgeon of a foretaste of what awaits.

Andrew Symeou has now been in jail for 7 months with no public hearing, and faces another year of the same. Under the EPP and Corpus Juris, this sort of treatment will be applied not just to those extradited outside Britain, but within Britain itself, under the new "European" laws and rules, which will be imposed on us, despite their being utterly alien to our own traditions.

Now Marta has an additional fear: that since the death of the head of OLAF in January, the German MEPs of all the political groupings, have been campaigning to have an interim head of OLAF nominated, who will be a "judge" - i.e. a member of a continental career judiciary.

OLAF is the EU's body for investigating fraud. If it has a career judge as its head, it will thereby acquire prosecutorial and judicial powers which, under continental rules, means vast discretionary powers of arresting and imprisoning suspects for long periods on little or no evidence, and via the EAW, these powers will be extended over all of Europe. This will give them an EPP by the back door.

OLAF is already under the de facto control of the Commission, which will thereby acquire fearsome enforcement powers of its own.
OLAF has already strayed way beyond its remit, e.g. when it caused the Belgian police to ransack the office and confiscate the computers and files and arrest the person of Hans Tillack, the German journalist who had exposed instances of corruption in the Commission itself (they wanted him to reveal his sources). On that occasion it had to ask the Belgian police which, of course, was happy to oblige. But with a judicial figure as its head, armed with the powers of the EAW, it will be able to ORDER Belgian, or any other national police forces and courts, to arrest and hand over anybody it chooses, anywhere in Europe.

Remember, this will not be subject to British procedures with British safeguards, but to continental, Napoleonic-inquisitorial, procedures.  They will not need to produce evidence of wrong-doing in order to do this.

This is an immediate threat to national security, indeed to the personal safety of each and every one of us.

THIS is the huge threat that we the British public must be made aware of. The danger is imminent. Timing is of the essence.

AFTER THE GENERAL ELECTION it will be too late. If Cameron gets a working majority, he will be in the saddle for five years, and will let all these measures slide into place, unopposed. We must inform the British public BEFORE they vote.



You really do NEED to vote BNP for YOUR OWN liberty! 


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