Wednesday, 3 March 2010


They were elected as New Labour, and they promised to govern as New Labour.

And yet they have done exactly what Old Labour have always done: bankrupted the country.

And the man responsible for a decade of economic inefficiency and fiscal incompetence as Chancellor of the Exchequer is now Her Majesty’s First Lord of the Treasury.

He was never elected as Prime Minister: he is distrusted by the majority of the nation, criticised by his own Chancellor, loathed by his own ministers and despised by many of his backbenchers.

This Labour Government took us to war on a false premise; has replaced Cabinet government with a politburo; diminished democracy; marginalised Parliament; taken in three million immigrants; saddled us with recession and soaring unemployment; given us the highest youth unemployment in history; eroded our liberties; abolished the right to trial by jury; raped the Constitution; politicised the civil service; sold off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market; raided our pensions; subjected us to the Lisbon Treaty; relegated us from 7th to 24th in international maths and literacy rankings; increased pensioner poverty; increased inequality; ... massively increased our tax burden; imposed an incredible 5000 new laws; created an authoritarian state and thoroughly debased our politics.

After 13 long years of extravagant spending, sinister social engineering, welfare expansion, uncontrolled immigration, endless fiddling with the electoral system, unparalleled electoral fraud, grotesque state encroachment into private lives and personal affairs and now a devalued currency, we have what must be the most stunningly incompetent government in the history of the United Kingdom (and God knows there are quite a few to choose from), and the most ideologically illiberal, oppressive and anti-Christian in centuries. 

Do the people of Wigan want another five years of this bunch below?




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