Friday, 12 March 2010


After watching BBC1 news tonight I was left wondering "are the BBC on our side or are they thick?"
Nick Griffin gave a superb interview stating that it was a dangerous precedent when the government could dictate an opposition party's policies. The BBC then crowed that we would be liable for £70,000 costs.

Next on the news was Baroness Uddin avoiding prosecution by the CPS for her blatent fiddling of expenses, followed by the news of her investigation by the standards board of the House of Lords for the same offence. So some people still think she fiddled in spite of the CPS's failure to prosecute.

Next came the case of the muslim child starved to death by her mother and the absent ugly father complaining about social services neglect.(Lessons will no doubt be learnt by the latter organisation). Who ever learns these lessons I don't know but there seems an awful lot of them.

After that we had the story of the control of some jails by muslims and the sometimes forceable conversion of people to the islamic cause and the violence entailed in this and the propagandising of Jihad in these jails.

After on North West news we were told that the father of "the British boy" kidnapped in Pakistan was aiding the search for his child here in Britain. They really care about their kids, these people don't they?

Then on "Newsnight" we had the Limp Dems discussing whether they would join the Tories or Labour in a hung parliament with the statement that the policy of that party needed a 75% majority of voting members to change their policies.

Is this not our "get out of jail free card"?
Any malicious group wanting to alter our policies would need such a majority to change our policies which is impossible.

I note on the main BNP website membership applications are flooding in already, as people see the injustice of this Government backed attack on our democratic rights and the dangers to our society of this colonisation.

Again we will show the effect of my favourite law (Murphy's Law), the law of unintended consequences. This will be ever more evident in the next weeks.

So is the BBC on our side? Of course not, but they are just as ignorant of human nature as Gordon Brown is about basic economics.

SO THANKYOU BBC, you have done us a good turn although you did not realise it.


Dr Chris Hill said...

Can I first say that I am no longer a member of the BNP, nor do I like Nick Griffin. However in the case of the present court enforced membership reforms, I think Griffin has done everything (and a lot more) he can to conform to the law. It is clear that the driving force behind this prosecution, was not an attempt to gain rights for any ethnic minority, but simply to disrupt the BNP's progress in any way possible.

It is simply disgraceful that the rule of law is being used, by a totally corrupt government appointed body, for its own political ends, in this way. We must all ask ourselves: "what ever happened to United Nations resolution " UN resolution 1994.45." ". Or are UN resolutions only valid when they can be used to support an illegal war.

Chris Hill

Andy said...

Q: "Or are UN resolutions only valid when they can be used to support an illegal war."

A: They already are breaking UNDRIP, HR, our Bill of Rights etc. laws. Didn't you know this already?