Friday, 12 March 2010


Wait till the Cuts in services start and your Taxes go up (Council Tax Rise of 1.9%) to start.
Yet our wealth is being given away to Country's whose Military Arsenals and Military might, dwarf the British Militarys fighting capabilities.
Why the hell are we paying for it ?

Pakistan's navy has successfully test-fired missiles and torpedoes from ships, submarines and aircraft in the Arabian sea, officials say.

The tests were followed by a statement saying they sent a "clear message to forces having nefarious designs".

India and Pakistan regularly test their missile systems and they normally notify one another ahead of such tests.

Last month the two sides held their first formal talks since the November 2008 Mumbai attacks." [..]

The British Taxpayer is paying £9.1 BILLION in Foreign aid under the DFID.

"The Budget, presented today by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, means that the UK government is keeping its promises to the world's poorest people and remains committed to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The government's forecast for overseas aid (known as official development assistance - ODA) for 2010-11 remains at £9.1 billion as we pledged in the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) in 2007."

We have Injured Servicemen receiving a pittance in Battle Injury compensation schemes, yet Abdul and his mates only have to ask and the TREASONUS BRITISH GOVERNMENT GIVES.
We have Pensioners who, after the last cold Winter, have died through cold related illnessess through being in Fuel Poverty.
Either that or Starve to death.
From the moment a BNP Government is declared then our Pensioners will be more Secure and our Heros honoured not spat at.

We can still make Britain a Place "Fit For Heros", Young and Old alike.

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