Monday, 1 February 2010

Harmans Hatred Hormones Exposed By the Pope.

WE still have a chance yet.
Well Luv A Duk Ooo Errr Get Her !
If this Equality Bill fails, due toHarman wanting all things to be equal and in law that the Muslims could beat the crap out of gays and the Christian Church must take Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual Priests or Vicars. In the name of their right to be able to under religious law and equality of diversity. or something like that.
Our constitution would remain intact.

But have you thought what the Islamists make of this?
This is to Feminise your Moral and Civic leaders.
Rowan must realise he'll be the first in the queue when Islam calls knocking for Sharia Law.
It's Corruption of the Church.
Or you could look at it like this....the Christian Church being Pro-Mohammed = Anti-Christ ?
You won't see Immams or mosques being forced to accept gay/lesbian or bisexuals as their Religious and Civic Leaders.
New Labour have really thought out how to do away with us the INDIGENOUS POPULATION.
Subversion of Christian Morals and Teachings.
Christian Rights Eroded.
Foreign Ideologies and Culture surplanting the Indigenous one.
Maybe the Catholics and Rome are now realising who their enemy is in Britain ?
The Church of England seems more intent on being a battering ram, forcing forward Immorality in the face of Christian Beliefs.

POPE Encourages Catholic Church to Condemn Harriet Hormones Equality Bill.

Pope Benedict XVI has condemned British equality legislation for running contrary to "natural law" as he confirmed his first visit to the UK later this year.

Turkeys and Christmas come to...Oh wait a min...Winterval comes to mind.

Let them, the Perverted Church Of England and according to reports, The Archbishop of Canterbury, crow over their dwindling but dis-believing congregations. Let the TRAITORS build their Funeral Pyre.

We shall Renew Christianity as we shalll Renew our Country and our People.

BNP...What choice do you have...more of the same ?

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