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The controversy over the Codex Alimentarius relates to a perception that it is a mandatory standard for food - including vitamin and mineral supplement - safety. Supporters of the Codex Alimentarius say that it is a voluntary reference standard for food and that there is no obligation on countries to adopt Codex standards as a member of either Codex or any other international trade organization. From the point of view of its opponents, however, one of the main causes of concern is that the Codex Alimentarius is recognized by the World Trade Organization as an international reference standard for the resolution of disputes concerning food safety and consumer protection.[2][3] Proponents argue that the use of Codex Alimentarius during international disputes does not exclude the use of other references or scientific studies as evidence of food safety and consumer protection.
It is reported that in 1996 the German delegation put forward a proposal that no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that supplements should be reclassified as drugs.[4] The proposal was agreed, but protests halted its implementation.[4] The 28th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission was subsequently held July 4 - July 9, 2005.[5] Among the many issues discussed were the "Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements"[6], which were adopted during the meeting as new global safety guidelines.[7] This text has been the subject of considerable controversy, in part because many member countries may choose to regulate dietary supplements as therapeutic goods or pharmaceuticals or by some other category. The text does not seek to ban supplements, but subjects them to labeling and packaging requirements, sets criteria for the setting of maximum and minimum dosage levels, and requires that safety and efficacy are considered when determining ingredient sources. The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that the guidelines are "to stop consumers overdosing on vitamin and mineral food supplements." The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has said that the guidelines call "for labelling that contains information on maximum consumption levels of vitamin and mineral food supplements." The WHO has also said that the Guidelines "ensure that consumers receive beneficial health effects from vitamins and minerals." [8]
Similarities have been noted between the EU's Food Supplements Directive and the Codex Alimentarius Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements.[9]
Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul has said that the Central American Free Trade Agreement "increases the possibility that Codex regulations will be imposed on the American public." [10]
Additional controversy has been expressed by proponents of ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture and food systems, such as the Slow Food movement[11], who view the Codex Alimentarius as antithetical to this goal. According to the Manifesto on the Future of Food, the Codex Alimentarius has "codified policies designed to serve the interest of global agribusiness above all others, while actively undermining the rights of farmers and consumers".[12]


I honestly don't know what to make of this short film. I tend to see things the same way, but I really don't have the knowledge to decide one way or the other. All I have is a "gut feeling" that the film is pointing me in the right direction.

So please, here is one occasion where your comments are valuable. Especially so if you have some knowledge about the topic.

Here's the original web site I found it on - it's definitely worth a read. And from the little I know I'd say it sounds about right.

Readers: please speak to us.

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Silly Kuffar said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

I've got some articles on FOOD IRRADIATION..

I even think I have some stuff on Codex Alimentarius somwhere.must look for it.

Silly Kuffar said...

Got a fair few articles on BIGPHARMA, Monsanto, asparteme .etc.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I've just linked in (by silent edit) the Wikipedia explanation for Codex Alimentarius.

I wised up about aspartame some thirty years ago, and wrote letters opposing food irradiation shortly after. The Chairman of Northern Foods was against that too.

Monsanto is a company I will NEVER trust. Nature takes millions of years ensuring an anti-freeze gene is isolated in Arctic fish, while tomatoes grow in nice warn land-based places. And there's Monsanto thinking it knows better and linking those genes up for "anti-freeze tomatoes".

It's just wrong, isn't it, no matter how much money they think they can make.

Silly Kuffar said...

Didn't ZaNu Labour want to ban homeopathy and health suppliments a few years ago ?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You might find thid interesting if you scroll down to the list of E-numbers, what they are and what they do.

Do we eat ANY natural food these days?

Anonymous said...

I got your message and yes I would gladly help. I posted a bnp article today and I check the bnp site daily. I've posted many articles from the bnp on my site as it happens. As for codex there are about 20 organisations campaigning against codex including lawful rebellion, a uk organisation, but natural news, no codex genocide and healthfreedom usa are the leaders, heres some useful articles:

Need any help with anything my emails on the blog,


Anonymous said...


for starters.

If you want I can send you a list off all organisations involved in this struggle including some UK ones. any help you need just send email, it's on the blog-good luck in your struggle for our freedoms and our futures.


Lanky Patriot said...

Morgan I agree with some of your sentiments about Monsanto but I think this film is a lot over the top.
They can never make it compulsory to treat all food with radiation or chemicals. We could grow our own.
As far as complimentary medicine is concerned it is all a load of bollocks and Homeopathy the worst only believed by non scientists such as Prince Charles.
There are many people who are just as mercenary as Monsanto on the vitamin supplement and "organic" side.
The truth is in between. Extremes are always bad.
I was brought up on an organic farm. My uncle who had it did not believe in fertilisers or even tractors so I have seen the disadvantages of this in reduced crop yields.
A question I always ask is "if there had been a potato blight spray at the time of the Irish potato famine would it have been a good thing or not".
Sometimes chemicals are good in agriculture and sometimes they are overused and bad.
A bit like a bus, good when you use it properly to ride on but bad if you step in front of it.
There have been some good genetic modifications.

Nowadays growth hormone for kids with pituitary failure is produced from the milk of genetically modified goats and not as previously the pituitaries of post mortem subjects, a process which caused Creutzfeld Jacob disease.

BTW cattle in this country have never been routinely fed antibiotics or growth hormones but they have in America because of Monsanto.

The moral of this story? Sometimes modern science is good in food production and sometimes it is bad.
It is the job of legislators to police the purity and safety of our food.

Silly Kuffar said...
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Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hi Lanky

You're just who I wanted to hear from.

Things I know and DO definitely believe:

Conventional medicine is the medicine for me.

Conventional farming is the farming for me.

Frequently my mother sent me to the nearest farm for fresh milk - now forbidden; as is cheese, butter. Most farms where I lived had a couple of pigs and a few chickens. We almost always ate fresh, unprocessed food. The animals lived a natural outdoor life before we killed them. When did you last see fields full of cattle day in, day out?

Antibiotics: you're right about open, conventional farms - but in all battery and factory farmed animals these days the use of antibiotics is endemic. This, over time, helps the micro-organisms to develop resistance. We are down now to just one certain killer - Vancomycin - and even that is no longer a certainty.

And why can't we just kill badgers and foxes by the most convenient and effective means available when they become a problem?

So many food-related questions; so little knowledge.

But something I am certain of - I do not trust Monsanto or any GMOs. They're not acting for OUR good - only their shareholders' good.

Silly Kuffar said...

What about BigPharma.

How many doses of vaccine did the Government buy.
How much profit has S/K/B made on a false 'Pandemic'

and now this

Lanky Patriot said...

Yes I agree Morgan in the old days we had fresher food and there are many restrictions now on what we can or can not eat.
Many ready to eat foods are of dubious quality.
Fresh milk always tasted better and we were brought up on it and I would buy it now if I could. However I got Bovine TB from this as a child but fortunately? resisted it possibly due to my good fresh diet even in wartime.

As for cows in fields, there are not many round here but dairy cattle are always out in summer on my friend's farm.
Beef cattle are suckled on their mothers for the first season in the fields. They have to be brought in for fattening nowadays as any animal over 30 months old is condemned as unfit for consumption because of BSE. I don't know why this rule is in place.

To SK I would agree, the drug and chemical firms have too much influence. The swine flu fiasco was a case in point. The public health authorities try to justify larger funding and are easy prey to companies who wish to make large profits on the back of scare stories.


"Grow your own food,they will not be able to irradiate all of it"unfortunately under codex that is already catered for,the proposals include "greening"the earth which means removing urban populations to cities that you can not leave,in essence one giant concentration camp.America has already begun closing slip roads to small communities,so that they wither on the vine,so that they can be returned to wilderness to be enjoyed by the elite,once they have removed 5/6 of the world population.The next and vital step in the plan,is to silence the internet,then there can be no dissent,for no-one will know what is really happening,even five miles away,we will be totally isolated,incapable of resistance,and disposed of without the broad mass of people being any the wiser,now is the time to develop alternative forms of communication that are not subject to interference by the state/nwo,for they will find a pretext one way or another to suppress our freedom of internet speech,they are already engaged in this ,we hear of licences,pressure on the isps to deny us services,or visiting sites that are deemed "politically unreliable" at the whim of any "minister"and you can be sure that they will use it with avengance,take a few minutes to imagine how our little power will be diminished without the free communication of the internet,and you will realise how precarious is our individual existence is,you know what they are capable of,you have all seen it,so we must prepare NOW!