Thursday, 7 January 2010



Met Office chief comprehensively spitted and roasted. Sick a fork in him and sample a taste.



Dr Chris Hill said...

Long term weather forecasting is a very imprecise science, but it is not the same as climate predictions.

Listen to what this man say about both global warming and long term weather predictions. He clearly admits they are very different scientific disciplines.

Now I'd probably agree he's over paid compared to a regular scientist if indeed he is a scientist at all (which given he's not prof or Dr Hirst but just Mr Hirst I doubt). But then compare his £200K to Tiger Woods who's a billionaire simply because he can hit a little white ball with a stick, or Hamilton (the racing driver) who happens to be able to drive very fast around in circles. So OK he's paid more than the Prime Minister, but if all pay was performance related my postman should be paid more than the Prime Minister. A lot more*!

This guy explains (at around 05:35mins) how the global rise has been masked by "La Nina" over the last decade. However we are now going into a "El Nin0" period of warming which will reverse that masking to produce a significant (OK still only a fraction of a degree) warming over the next decade.

Chris Hill
I want to make it clear here that my postman is useless by any normal standards of efficiency. I regularly get mail addressed to other house numbers and even different streets. He often pretends to deliver packages while simply pushing a slip into my letter box saying I was out when I've been in all morning. So he's a total washout, except when compared to Mr Brown that is!

Sir Henry Morgan said...


It's a long-standing personal opinion of mine that no one should be paid more than the Prime Minister, because no one has more responsibility.

As for your postman - maybe he's a Lancaster Unity supporter? Just a thought.

Why did you not renew your party membership? The party's not perfect, but it's what we've got, and we don't have the time to build a new party from scratch if we wish to avoid that worst kind of all wars - a civil war.

Yes, I know you had issues over the accounts - but look at the Labour party ... the worst corruption this country has ever seen since the eighteenth century.

The BNP isn't so bad. And it's turning out that the Greens are incredibly corrupt too.

And yes, I do understand the difference between weather and climate, and can see why the warmistas complain about this winter being used as evidence that there is no global warming ... but they use other isolated weather events as a claim to show that there IS.

Me? I'm not that sure - we could be warming, we could be cooling - the Earth always has done one or the other - the only thing it's never been is steady for any great period of time. And I believe that to claim humanity is responsible, or that humanity can do anything about it, is arrogant and deluded in the extreme.

Of warming or cooling I prefer warming because during warm periods humans have thrived, during cold periods they have suffered badly. I'd rather we thrived. If that means other parts of the world must suffer through being too bad, then I don't care - that's their problem so let THEM pay to do something about it - if they can ... which I don't believe is possible.

And let's get Britain's population down to a level we can sustain from our own resources - like about 30 million or fewer. We can get rid of 10-15 million in just a couple of years - and our own native people were getting their population down painlessly anyway - why more than replace the reduction with the over-population of foreign countries?

Silly Kuffar said...

How about checking on the lack of Sun spot activity ?

The Sun has a lot do with weather and climate patterns.

Or is it just a great orange ball in the sky ?

Andy said...

In the past 9 years, the average world temperature has been level. *Selective statistic*

In the past 3 years, the average world temperature has been falling.
*Selective statistic*

In the past year, the average world temperature has plummeted.
*Selective statistic*

We get these 'imprecise' half century drops in world temperature all the time. Yanno, like 1904(?) & 1963.

The Russians stated last year we are heading for an ice age.

As goes el-whatever. We were supposed to have had a sponking hot summer. Water shortages, the works! I want my money back.

Chris, when it comes to Global warming "scientists" please, all you have to do is follow the money to find the conclusion!
I have to disable PeerBlock, my open source IP blocker to 'see' the BBC. Says a lot about their networking morals.

The weather?
Someone is a right old King Canute... Smells of Gorgon Doom?
I WAS looking to live and retire here:
Saturday, 10 January 2009

Slovenia registered the lowest temperatures ever. At the Bohinj resort, a half frozen weatherman standing outside, reported minus 49°C.

Slovenian Media have reported recommendations of the meteorological institute of Germany, which alarms over the risks of having piercings – the metal earrings on people’s body could cause dangerous freezing.

No metal objects attached to the body should be worn, warns the media, for people who must venture outside. For everyone else, Slovenian media urges its citizens to stay in their homes.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Andy (17:40 hrs),

I am neither a scientist nor a statistician, but I have explained the issues you bring up in your post on the independent Lancaster Patriot "(here)". Now yes certainly my explanation is a very simplistic one, and Climate Change is a very complex phenomenon indeed. But despite that I think my explanation is still basically correct if somewhat lacking in detail. However a more full and informative analysis can be found at many of the accredited scientific sites I have link to in my previous posting on this blog. But to save you searching back I'll add a link here to the British Met Offices site "(here)."

Chris Hill

Andy said...

Chris, I have said this twice before:
Follow the money!

Who pays for the MET office? Yes, the Gubmint.

Your hockey stick graph has been proven beyond all doubt that the software added the previous highs at the end to create this final climb. The same happens with random numbers fed into it. It's source code has been leaked; The admission of it by a peer reviewer in the leaked emails,(In the pay to prove AGW); and the fact many of these temp sites are now living in highly built up areas, totally altering the readings.

But you know this already x

Amusing Bunni said...

This was Great Morg:
That guy was such a lying fool, all he could do was giggle like a little girl w/her hand caught in a cookie jar. They interviewer let him have it!
I hope your weather improves, it's just as bad in
Chicago now, but we kind of expect it this time of year.