Thursday, 7 January 2010



 This is what happens if you remove the Greenhouse Effect. I'd like to see seven billion humans survive that.

Plenty of space for cuddly Polar Bears I suppose ... so that'll be ok then ... wont it?

Life wont be pleasant for the few survivors - what with not being top of the food chain any more. Be far more exciting though.

Visit here for some detailed reading about worldwide weather/climate/cooling:



Sir Henry Morgan said...


Let that stay on the front page for a while, rather than pushing it out the bottom before many people have seen it.

Anonymous said...

Top posts lately Sir Morg, from all at Wigan Patriot.

I've been blogging-lite due to the great posts lately.

Ayrdale said...

Greetings from this Kiwi, who shares your worldview particularly re green liars and hypocrites...born in Preston and wishing you warmth, health and happiness.

(word verification ounts...talking about greenies)

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Thanks Loon - we much appreciate that.


That you've seen firt to visit here, and then let us know you are here - fantastic. We also have a couple of your neighbours visiting too, at least one American, to ... Wigan? People often laugh at us from Wigan - unless they remember the glory rugby league days.

Oh - and yes to the climate scam - I know all about the NZ temperature data fiddling, Also the Darwin airport data fiddling in Oz ... they've been comprehensively rubber-dicking us haven't they. We might blather on a little here about the climate scam, but the real deal is EU Referendum and Richard North's work. He's currently building a great big bear trap around Patchy (Rajendra Pachauri) Chairman and thief-in-Chief of the IPCC. I do recommend regular visits.

Anyhow, please do carry on visiting us occasionally. We're like a middle-aged woman about it. We don't yell, don't tell, and we're grateful as hell.


It seems you don't get that every decade (or any time interval) will have its warmest and coolest years (centuries, weeks, whatever). Why give people the false impression that we've gone into global cooling when the global average temperature *increase* has simply dropped a bit? The oven is still on, and this past decade is still the hottest on human record. I guess I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to do all you can to safeguard the future for future Wigans -- of all species. Why protect freedom of speech and not freedom to survive? I just don't get it.

p.s. We were outside last night (January 11th) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada without coats on - a beautiful night with a balmy breeze. Climate disruption is what is causing problems. You've got your share of climate disruption at the moment.