Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Refugees and the Media

When New Labour (OLD Communists) came to power in 1997, the Media got started on a Campaign for Refugees.
New Labours plans for the destruction of our country and people were planned well in advance by the looks of things.


In 1997 PressWise began looking for partners and funding to examine the consequences of inaccurate and sensational coverage of asylum-seekers, refugees, Roma and other 'non-settled' groups.

In 1999 we were able to launch the Refugees, Asylum-seekers and the Media (RAM) Project to promote best practice in media coverage of refugee and asylum issues. It is based in the UK but has an international dimension.

In 2003, in association with Omni Productions, PressWise produced On the Receiving End, a 15-minute film in which refugees discuss the experience of exile and reactions to media coverage of refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK. You can find out more, including how to buy a copy, here.

The Exiled Journalists' Network was launched in 2005, to assist journalists who flee to the UK to escape persecution and to promote press freedom. It has taken on some of the work of the RAM Project, including publication of a regular email bulletin EJNews. ......

I also suggest you read it all.

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