Thursday, 14 January 2010


Despite the dedication of our young men and women and their fighting abilities, despite all their sacrifice, we will lose.

No, I'm not a defeatist ... I'm a realist, as is our party. The only realist party this country has.

The Afghans hammered Alexander the Great; hammered the British twice in the 19th century when Britain was at the height of its power - in relation to the world as it was then, we were far more powerful than America has ever been; hammered the mighty Soviet Union; - what makes our cretinous politicians and their fellow-travellers think we can do any better today?

If we all left Afghanistan today, then in a year's time it will be exactly what it was a year before we invaded. If we were to stay - and keep taking casualties all that time - for another 100 years and then left, and even if technically, by our own definitions, we "won" ... in 101 years it would be back to what it was a year before we invaded. We can't change them, we can't win. We most certainly can't convert them into a "democratic" unified society. No more than we did in Iraq. So the BNP's policy of immediately ordering the withdawal of our army is the only logical course of action. No other party recognises this reality.

Want to know why no outsiders have ever won there, and never will? Watch the following five films. They are only about half an hour long in total - but at the end you'll wonder why half an hour can pass so quickly. "Where did that time go?" you'll ask yourselves.

Even better - we learn a lot about ourselves and our relationships both to each other and to the non-nationalist political parties and people. How many native British are there? Perhaps 45-50 million (I don't count the foreigners that take this land's population count up to over 60 million ... and will make their own way back out once the British tribes have finished gathering and make clear this is OUR land, and outsiders are unwelcome here, apart from a few who will experience our hospitality and protection). This compares to about 41 million Pashtuns. We think of our selves the way they think of them selves. We are the British tribe - or more precisely the four eternally allied British tribes: The English tribe, the Welsh tribe, the Scottish tribe and the Irish tribe ... The BRITISH tribe that has many western ideas of its own - education, technology, a certain amount of individualism... though not total. We are the British and we don't want anyone coming to our lands and telling us we must change to suit their ways, whether that be the other Europeans (Phillip 2nd of Spain,Napoleon, the Kaiser, Hitler, the EU) or the Islamics ... or ANYONE. No outsider will ever win here for the same reason no one will ever win in Afghanistan - We are the four allied tribes known as the BRITISH TRIBE. I personally am of the Welsh tribe and feel quite at home here amongst my English tribal comrades. We have all the modern-day attributes melded in with our reverence for our ancient ways. A modern tribe that is pretty unique in the world. We will KEEP our ancient ways thank you, tempered with our modern ways which, let's face it, WE invented in the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries. The rest of the world - including our own offspring - copied us, but imperfectly. We will have our ways back again if it takes us a hundred years and we have to fight for them - just like the Afghans. We can't beat the Afghans, and no one can ultimately beat us, other than in the very short term until we gather ourselves and start fighting back. Note we now have a million voters. How many 20 years ago - a few thousand? THE BRITISH TRIBES ARE GATHERING. Beware, all incomers. If the Afghans were to invade here the way we have invaded there, then we would ultimately win here the way they will ultimately win there. Home turf is a terrific motivator and advantage.

And we are friendly with all our related tribes - America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. And we are tribally bound to them and friendly ... we are bound to be - they are our offspring and always leap to our aid when we need it. Between us all we have at various times in the past liberated the European tribes; we will do so again after we have first liberated ourselves - which we WILL do once we have gathered.

And anyway - by what right do we outsiders presume to tell the Afghans how they should live in their own lands. After all, we object strongly, and that objection is growing stronger by the day, to anyone else telling us how we should live in our own lands. Are the real British hypocrites? I think not. Our cretinous politicians and their fellow travellers (who never take any of the actual risks of the wars they order, nor expect their own children take those risks - only ours) have a lot to answer for. When the British tribes have gathered we WILL call them all to account. The clock is counting down.

Even more surprising, these films are all just a monologue. Enjoy and learn:

Now have a serious think about what you've just been taught.

There is only one way we can win - genocide. But we British don't do genocide. Bring our young people home. 41 million Pashtuns ... do we really want to kill 41 million human beings? I thought we British were civilised.

And - and it's a very big AND - you will know by the end EXACTLY why Islam has to be removed from the western world. and as far as we are concerned, our country in particular


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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay. Very long article and wanted to be sure to absorb it.

I agree with most of the points you raise.

I do have trouble with the first British-Afghan wars in the 1800s though.

One, we were at war on every continent at the time so resources were spread thin.

Secondly, a hell of a lot of inner-corruption in the East India Company took a chunk out of the Afghan forces ability to fight.

Thirdly, us British were better sailors than far-away warriors in brutal lands.

Fourthly, life was harsh back then but there was plenty of opium about so logically speaking, more than a few of the British soldiers were be a bit junkified.

And lastly, the Afghans would hide their villages and families from prying eyes.

The last reason is important due to the fact that it made British reprisals limited. And due to the persistence of the natives, it was only a matter of time before the whole Afghan adventure turned sour.

With no disrespect, we have to face the fact that the British Empire didn't rule the world with a smile but through military might.

China was brought to her knees without the British fleet losing one life. African tribes that 'misbehaved' were severely punished. The Spanish had to cede Gibraltar giving up the Med.

Like most organisations though it was corrupt to the core, too many egos to feed.

Defending this creation though I have to say that if it wasn't Britain ruling the waves back then, it could've been the French and look at all Her former colonies for the disaster that would have been.

Back to today's Afghanistan, I reckon we should go the whole hog if we must and do whatever is necessary. Our enemies see this compassion as a weakness to be goaded. One only has to look at the barbarity these folks are capable of around the world, let alone Afghanistan, no Geneva convention for them SOBs.

So the sooner these modern day jihadists are given another Vienna, the better for all concerned. Look at the Israeli way of things, all Her neighbours cower in fear due to the survival instinct they have when it comes to war. Probably the same spirit that occurred in the Blitz for I doubt anyone blinked an eye when it was Gerry's turn (and rightly so).

I still think the nukes should have felled way back then. Only tiny little things compared to the bombs of today, they literally scare the crap out of me! (sic - Dr Strangelove inspired that)

Aside from that though, I would prefer Our Boys & Lasses back home for I'm old-fashioned (Sun Tzu 600BC) when it comes to war.

"There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare." Not countries, but Corporations do.

Any war not won in two years is a failure for a Nation but a bonanza for the arms smugglers, 'defence' contractors and all the other resources needed to wage war.

So bring our troops home, send a few dozen of those soon to be out-of-date trident missiles there if we must but bring the troops home.

And - and it's a very big AND - you will know by the end EXACTLY why Islam has to be removed from the western world. and as far as we are concerned, our country in particular - totally agree

Apologies for the long comment. Just looked at a preview and just wished I could've added a picture to balance it out.