Saturday, 5 December 2009


The fact that we are are a small party can sometimes make us despondant. Persecuted by the media and the Tory backed communist UAF (why did they change their name from ANaL?) it is easy to believe that we have an impossible goal, but then little snippets of news come out.
I read in Simon Darby's blog where he quotes the Telegraph stating that local councils are to be given permission to give some priority to local residents in housing allocation.

Until now need has been the deciding factor so that when an immigrant family arrived in a district with perhaps 5 children they jumped the queue over those who had paid into the system and had waited years for adequate accomodation.
What has caused this drastic change of policy I wonder?

The explanation is unequivocal "The rise of the BNP" as stated by the minister. Labour is haemorrhaging votes to the BNP and it is frightening the Labour Party.
So, small as we are and lacking the backing of millionaires like the other parties we are making an impression and frightening them.
Former Labour voters are tired of being betrayed by the party they once thought represented their interests.
Former Tory voters and members are joining us, tired of the broken promise of a referendum on the EU and that party's support for the war in Afganistan etc etc.

What goes round comes round.
Many years ago I was elected to our local UDC on the platform that our area was being taken over by outsiders who ran the council under the "Ratepayer" banner.
I stood as Independent for the interests of the local (indigenous?) people and got 80% of the vote. The Ratepayer group never won a seat again.

I was asked to join the Labour Group next year and I did and became chairman of housing.
One of the complaints of local people was that people were coming from outside and jumping the council housing queue leaving locals having to wait for 14 years for a house.
I got that stopped in the now Labour controlled council (they did represent the people then) and unless a person had been born in the village they had to live here for 10 years before they joined the housing queue, at the bottom of course.
This meant that local families could stick together and the community sense was strengthened.

At the next election I again topped the poll. People seemed pleased with the arrangement.
Later the government made this system illegal as it was considered racist and unfair to newcomers.

And Labour wonder why the BNP is taking support from them and why our sense of community is dying.
They seem to be taking a new tack because of their fear of us, but don't be deceived.
If the BNP were not there it would be business as usual with our people still at the back of the queue.
A BNP vote is still worth 10 times as much as a vote for any other party.

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Freeborn John said...

When you read the fine print it becomes obvious what a joke this Labour offer is.
The red councils who are pushing immigrants into housing in front of locals are to be merely 'given an option' of fast tracking the odd Briton into his rightful place in the queue at their own discretion, these are the very same people who crapped on him in the first place, they are the last people to trust with giving him a fair deal...
What an empty sham.