Monday, 14 December 2009


 ... these two brothers do not belong in jail (two-page report) ...:

... even if they are Muslims.

I've lived in High Wycombe, and there are far too many there. But it's wrong to stitch them up like this. We'd whinge plenty if it was a couple of ours.



Freeborn John said...

Frankly, some of these 'pillars of the Muslim Community' are little more than gangsters themselves, thats how they keep control.
If I'd broken a cricket bat over an immigrants head leaving him with brain damage I would be looking at a lot more than 30 months, they got a good deal from the courts without a doubt.
Nice work with the bat though...

Sir Henry Morgan said...

The bloke they hit had 50 - 50 - previous convictions. And he wasn't so brain damaged that he's been unable to resume his criminal career.

The judge said no one should take the law into their own hands. Why not? It's our law isn't it? Isn't it?

He also said that if he didn't jail them the system of lornorder would break down. Err - judge dearie, the system has already broken down under the care of idiots like you. The alleged "victim" should have been already inside. Wouldn't have got hurt then would he?

None of that is to particularly argue against what you said John - like I said, for me personally this case was a difficult issue ...

Freeborn John said...

I take your point Morg, we are all forced by law to depend for our personal safety on a system which often can't even empty our bins, and if we kick against this arrangement the authorities come down on us like a ton of bricks while treating the criminals as the injured party, this is unjust.
As far as it being our law, well, no, it hasn't been ours for a while, thats why we need the BNP to wrest it back for us...and soon.

phoenix said...

It doesn't matter in this case, what nationality you are, this COULD VERY EASILY BE YOU OR ME.?

This is the bloody idiocy of our judiciary. How can it EVER be wrong to defend yourself and your family.? This man and his brother should have been given an award for their actions, instead they get locked up and the thief doesn't. OUR LEGAL SYSTEM STINKS.? The BNP would remove this piece of legislative nonesense, and allow you to use ANY force against anyone INTRUDER who enters your HOME....... Who knows what is reasonable force,? You don't know the capabilities of the intruder, you have to make sure you and your family are SAFE....................................
Because this man was fleeing the scene, does not allow him to be allowed to go peacefully... There is no telling how many other would be victims have been saved from this mans aggresive and vicious attack on them. He got a good pasting, which is what he deserved, and maybe, it curtailed his activities for a while.?

Anonymous said...

"The judge said no one should take the law into their own hands. Why not? It's our law isn't it? Isn't it?"

Agree with you there Sir Morg.

Was a bit excessive but should have been given the benefit of the doubt. Bet that crook would have been a few times before.

Shame all round. Another victory for the criminal class, and that includes the Polichickens who have done so much to encourage it.

Anonymous said...

Another case illustrating that criminals are protected by the law.

The cricket bat, is not responsible,

be what ever race, creed or religion, but we must acknowledge ,
their is a tale to every story.

Problem is this Press is served more to promoting multiculturalism,, do they not get THE British are not on the top of the list.

Visitors to our Land may they be white, brown, or pale all have in their own culture a form of racism, it is human nature, one protect their own.

MANY believe Hindus and Shikes are just as imitated by the Muslim THREAT as the CHRISTIAN PEOPLE OF THIS LAND.

They came to our land many years ago and served our Queen, they do not want classing, with " Illegal Immigrants " and Chancers.