Sunday, 13 December 2009


The government has said that it will ring fence education spending in spite of the growing deficit.
No one could disagree with the importance of education but at present most of this money is being thrown away.
Why? Incompetent and lazy teachers.
I have two grandchildren at secondary school, one in the North and one down South.
The one down South has been encouraged to take "soft" subjects like catering as opposed to languages. His maths teaching has been woeful.
When my daughter complained last year about the poor maths teaching she was promised an improvement this year with a qualified maths teacher. This has not materialised and he is still poorly taught if taught at all.
The other one near here has been disadvantaged by her teacher in one subject being off sick for several weeks but not too sick to go out shopping etc and another teacher unable to control her class and breaking down in tears most lessons. Yet another is teaching a different subject to her own and I'm doubtful whether she is a qualified teacher at all or just an assistant.

Again improvement has been promised next year, but that will be too late.
Our children are being denied a future because of incompetent or lazy teachers who will possibly retire on a good pension with "stress" while the kids are left to make their way in the world with little education(the teachers at some schools even have a day off for Christmas shopping. Do they not have enough holidays as it is?)
The governments answer to this is to make the exams easier and to build new schools under PFI at great expense. Buildings do not make for better education, it is competent teachers who have their pupil's interests at heart.

The sensible answer is a four letter word. SACK for incompetents who can't teach. Alright the NUT would possibly call a strike. Let them, the kids are learning nothing in any case.
It is ironic that parents are prosecuted for failing to send their children to school but when these children go to school they are not taught.
We buy our kids education dearly through our taxes and are entitled to have them educated.
If we buy something from a shop we can get redress by law for faulty goods. The same should apply to education as it is much more important than mere goods.

Of course this does not trouble the "elite" as their kids don't have to suffer this neglect being privately educated. Our children will face an increasingly competitive world. Are they being educated as well as the Chinese? I think not. They deserve better.
Schools would also be better if they concentrated on TEACHING and not the various politically correct matters they are brainwashed with such as sex education, racism, homophobia and Islamophobia not to mention what to eat.

Consider this stupidity.
A teacher can be sacked for being a member of the BNP a legal party even if they do not mention it but can carry on blighting the children's futures at school until their (early) retirement even though THEY CAN'T TEACH.


Anonymous said...

Schools for the underclass are nothing more than indoctrination centres.

It's been over a decade since I left school and can honestly say I learned more from 'bunking' than I ever did at school.

If I had little ones the last place I would be sending them is to school. I'd rather teach my own the ways of the wicked than have them taught the ways of the dumb.


We used to have a law for the return of faulty goods,unfortunately since the europeans do not have such a law we have had to scrap ours."teachers" these days are marxist to a fault,i have worked in a few schools,refurbs,and some of the crap that is plastered all over the walls is criminal,and amounts to nothing more than frightening small children,salt,climate,denigration of our country,sacking is not good enough,hempen rope would do the trick.

bertie bert said...

BNP Chairman's Christmas Message 2009

Freeborn John said...

With Britains education system falling apart around them the countries biggest teaching union, the NASUWT (I've not a clue what it means) has leapt into action to stop the rot...well, to promote it actually.
They are demanding that all BNP members be sacked from teaching and BNP officials banned from being school governors, the union has pledged to spend £20,000 of its own money on a judicial enquiry if they don't get their own way.
Ye Gods, those buggers must have a lot to hide...

Anonymous said...

A major funding boost is set to provide thousands of Wigan schoolchildren with one-on-one tuition.
More than £1.5m has been allocated to Wigan Council to offer extra teaching to pupils who have fallen behind in Maths and English.

wigan evening post

how much do they spend on translators to the children who speak not a word of ENGLISH, NOR THEIR

how much do the Police have to spend out of their budget ? when dealing with
our " Visitors "

How much NHS, Social Services etc etc, money that should be spent on our Forces, updating their equipment and housing.

Anonymous said...

How come Fran McCaul a teacher at Hope School Special Needs, can brainwash children,
but Adam Walker is made to be an " Evil ogre " for being a true Patriot ?

Fran is a leading campaigner for UAF

Adam is a leading campaigner for the BNP

That's Why