Sunday, 6 December 2009


The action by the Equalities Commission to force our party to change its constitution to allow ethnics to join is indicative of the fear our recent progress has engendered in the other parties who all support this vindictive action.

We will be forced to change our membership criteria or cease to exist as a party.
All of us are appalled at the injustice of this legislation which is obviously designed to attack our party and our rights alone. It does not apply to any of the thousands of organisations existing purely for ethnics. In other words it is specific to us and not universal as all laws should be.
The fact that it does not apply to ethnic organisations shows that "racism" is not the driving force. In any case how many ethnics would want to join a party whose ideology is contrary to theirs

The fascists of the other parties know we will have to accept it to be able to stand in future elections.
What they want is for the law to cause dissent in our ranks and indeed there are different views in the Party on how to tackle this assault on democracy. They want a split or implosion in our membership, destroying the Party with people leaving and moving to fringe parties who fight against each other.

THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT, the destruction of the BNP.

For the first time ever a nationalist party is becoming mainstream and a threat to the rotten established order.
We as nationalists are the only hope for our people and if we have to swallow a bitter pill to survive, then that is what we must do, for our unity is the only way to power, when we will reverse these injustices.
Nationalism is gaining in strength all over Europe and our time will come.

Our policies and ethos will remain the same and no doubt members will have to sign that they support the policies of the Party or be expelled.
Although there will be some mutterings I don't think there will be a major split in our ranks, indeed I forsee a major surge in membership and support.

But a split in nationalist ranks would be a disaster for us and the country at the very moment that we could take off.

We must bury our differences and speak with one voice.

OUR UNITY WILL BE OUR STRENGTH and we will advance to greater influence.

WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED and will continue our fight for our people and country.

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