Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Honestly I can't believe it!
After our successful conference in Hindley Green I have been getting phone calls from local residents asking for information about our party and "when's the next meeting?"

I was a bit apprehensive that the local residents who were inconvenienced by "the unwashed strags"(the words of a resident not mine) would have turned against us on account of this.


Our profile has grown and the antics of the anti democrats have shot themselves in the foot.
They must have been well satisfied with their days work as they fled from angry Leythers.

We would love to advertise our meetings widely so that people could come but there are state funded thugs who would come, not to debate but to disrupt and riot. Suffice it to say that people attending for the first time are enthused by our programme and come again.
I have never had in 7 years anyone who did not shed their media controlled preconceptions when they saw us for what we are.

I was myself terrified when I went to my first meeting (I was not a member then) but immediately joined and have made friends from all walks of life from all over the country.

At every meeting new people come to me and say that what we say is what they believe and what they read in the (foreign controlled media) is false.
We are on the up and they are getting desparate. Note how Gordon Brown talks about immigration and admits it is because of "the rise of the BNP".

We are a small party with no wealthy foreign donors but we are putting the wind up them. That is why they fund the uaf to disrupt our meetings. It's ironic that Cameron supports the uaf, a Communist organisation.

Why would he do that ? Because it is an internationalist organisation and the Tory supporters are internationalists living in off shore tax havens, and we BELIEVE IN BRITAIN AND ITS PEOPLE.

But money, powerful as it is does not always win.
In the end the will of the people will prevail.
Even if we don't gain any seats our power is massive because --

We ARE the people,

and the ruling classes fear us!. That's why they steal our policies.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes Charles, there is a paradigm change moving slowly across the British people. They want change and they're ready for it. I've said this to others in conversation - it doesn't matter what the machine tries to do to us, just bounces back on them and our support increase.

It's moving slowly at the moment, but when it gets into its stride it'll be like the sea-change that 1945 brought to the country. The people were ready for a change then, and they're ready for another change now, having realised that the 1945 change has turned bad.

The UAF and their kind are just the dreg-ends of the old system trying to keep itself in place. To use their own language - THEY are the forces of reaction. No matter what they want to argue about, they can't, so they resort to disruption and name-calling.

Always remember: the harder they hit you, the more you're getting up their noses.

wiganer said...

why are you posting total lies about the hindley protest no water wasd thrown over anyone or any abuse of kids

Lanky Patriot said...

No lies posted just the facts as stated by the woman who threw the water and others.
Don't know about kids abuse. Did not post that.

wiganer said...

i was there and that did not happen

Sir Henry Morgan said...


All three of us were there too, and the Wigan Press's account of things didn't happen either.

Seems you have your account and we have ours.

So, no change there then.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

But I have noticed that Lancaster Unity (UAF) are sying not a thing about it, which is unusual.

They usually brag about their great victory and how they drove the BNP scum out of town with their tails between their legs. But for this - not a word. Why's that I wonder?

We never even knew it was happening from inside the meeting. We had to go outside, where we could just about hear a muffled gibbering in the distance - too buffled for us to make out what was being chanted.

Utter Fail.

Still, at least you had a wash eh - and I'm not talking about the bucket?

wiganer said...

the uaf etc are nothing to do with me so dont class every1 as being the same

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You mean like you don't class all BNP people as being the same?

Lanky Patriot said...

You are a true democrat Wiganer are you?
We were having a private meeting and nobody would have known about it if it had not been for the antics of scruffs like you.
What's it got to do with you where we have our meetings? We are as entitled to our opinions as you are.
The fact that you do not accept our rights shows you are a FASCIST.
Would we be in order to try and disrupt your meetings? that's if you got enough supporters to have a meeting.
We would NEVER disrupt meetings with our opponents as we believe in DEMOCRACY.
We do not believe in fighting as this proves nothing but believe me if it ever did come to rough stuff we would be ready.

You were there and did not see it? Your friends must have run away by then.
Try and be early next time.

wiganer said...

i said i was there at the time if thats your attitude nasty for nothing next time i shall join them and they are right about you insulting me for nothing when i did not attack you at all just stating a fact showed your true colours thanks for thatb you idiot

Lanky Patriot said...

What are you on about? You must have English lessons and make your meaning clearer.
You say you were there at the time . What time?
Perhaps your watch stopped. Whatever it must have been the wrong time.

BTW you can not delete my comments as
You will have noted I have allowed you comments so you can make a fool of yourself. If you keep to reasonable statements you can continue commenting.


Anonymous said...


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Lanky Patriot said...

Well I'm chuffed! Have they really got a kickout Wigan Patriot blog?
You're having me on.
Thanks for that British Lady.
If it is true it's indeed a compliment when a blog is set up against one's own blog.
We must be getting to them

Anonymous said...

True Lanky !

All in one blog ..

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