Friday, 6 November 2009


Our progress at the recent EU elections seems to have upset local "democratic councillors"
The workshop on how to combat our democratic progress scheduled to take place on council premises and thus partly paid for by our members is a travesty of democracy reminiscent of a Stalinist state.

The councillors have pledged "to work harder to understand people's concerns"
We are called a "wolf in sheep's clothing" by of all people Cllr G Wilkes who until he spit his dummy out with irrational complaints seemed a decent sort of person, and indeed had said he agreed with many of our views.

Does this sudden concern for the opinions of the people of Wigan demonstrate THE POWER OF A BNP vote?
Would they have shown such concern if we were not growing? I doubt it.

The people of Wigan can see the town built by the work and often deaths of our ancestors gradually being replaced by a multicultural society we did not vote for.
We did not vote to be at the back of the queue for housing, our schools crowded with children from a foreign culture and our hospitals treating increasing numbers of people from abroad.

Councillors, where were these proposals in your manifestos?

They weren't there. In other words you went to the voters on a false ticket.

You have no mandate for this. You are liars.

Who then is the wolf?

If by saying that we inheritors of the toil of our ancestors should have priority makes me a racist THEN I AM PROUD TO BE CALLED ONE.
I do not believe we have the right to impose our will on any other country as do those of other parties but THIS TOWN IS OURS and we are entitled to priority.

For councillors who I thought were decent people to use resources some of which were taken from BNP supporters against our democratic party I have only this to say.

YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO DEMOCRACY and our time will come!


phoenix said...

Surely there must be some technicality/legality, that will prevent the use of a public buildings and funds, to be used to attempt to villify and condenm a LEGAL political party.?
The buildings and any funds they wish to use in the completion of this disgusting and contemptable act, have in part been paid for by the very people who have voted, for the British National Party.?
As one of these people, I refuse the councillors the right to use these tax monies for this purpose....
If they feel they have to have this disgusting meeting.? Then they do it, In their time, In a private building of their choice, and with their PERSONAL money to pay for it.?

Andy said...

Too many people are now accustomed to being parasited off.

Too many people avoid even political discussion like its a horrible fear they never wish to face.

So for a mass withdrawal of council funds and taxes will not happen.

Now, on the radio it stated there was a think tank on paying for services we want or not. This would severely curtail the councils monetary misdirections.

Can't wait!