Friday, 6 November 2009


Banner headlines on the in relation to Lanky's earlier post THE FEAR OF GOD!
For those who are heading over to the and after reading the article would like to leave a comment; then please make sure you 'copy' or 'screen grab' your entry for future use as the has a prolific 'red pen deleter' and they will remove any favourable BNP comments.

Additionally, what about copying and pasting your comments to here on the Wigan Patriot Blog comment section so everyone can see them before they disappear into the abyss?

Anyone can remove a comment on the just by using the "report unsuitable" option and posting a lame reason for doing so!

p.s. Just tried to login on to the to comment on this article using my usual password etc...But, it's having none of it!

Funny thing is though.... I can comment on all the other articles but this one?? Strange but true!

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Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

G.Chadwick,Leigh 07/11/2009 09:24:30

watching wigan big(g)ots

"I always wonder just why individuals like yourself, who have no political allegiance to any party? Get your motivation from to call and disrupt as much as possible those who do have real opinions on the way our daily lives, our heritage, our religion and our towns and cities are being subsequently eroded away?

What motivates you, and what's your goal in life? What do you contribute to this society that allows you to be heard?

Have you ever looked at the bigger picture of why the people vote BNP? I bet you haven't have you?

It's a shame that I actually do know who you are, and yet I find it hard to understand that you have to be so vindictive? Unfortunately, It's easy for people like you to criticise others.

You know were I live, so how about you come around to mine for a sensible political discussion of why I support the BNP and then you can explain to me why you totally disagree with our policies? That way we can call it democracy in action"?