Monday, 2 November 2009



Hahahahahaha. Is this letterbox actually intelligent enough to be a teacher?



Sir Henry Morgan said...

If ever a muslim comes to your door and wants to speak to you, I suggest you close the door and open your letterbox - then ask them what they want.

They wont understand the point you're making, of course; but then, muslims are so far up their own arses they wouldn't understand any point you tried to make in any way at all. It really is a thoroughly alien culture. Got more chance of getting through to a martian who wanted to speak to you.

They'll talk about it amongst themselves though, and eventually the point will hit home.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Oh, and remember last week when I suggested lying on your census form? Well I suggest that on the question where it asks "Occupation?" you answer one of two possibilites:

1. Domestic extremist
2. Yes - by Islam.