Monday, 2 November 2009


Well well well. The NUM has asked for our support to protect the last remnants of the mining industry, threatened by a new agreement to import Colombian coal. The details are on the BNP website.

At last the unions are realising the only party which cares for their members is the BNP.
How things have changed!
Of course Nick Griffin said they would have our wholehearted support, which has not been forthcoming from the internationalist other parties. Perhaps working with the union and with support from mining and former mining communities we can begin the resurrection of our once mighty main industry.

We have enough coal yet to supply all our energy needs for well over 250 years and revitalise the mining areas, bringing much needed USEFUL employment to the people.
After beating the miners by Thatcher and Heseltine putting the boot in many communities were destroyed together with their sense of unity. Now these villages are places of dispair for the young people who have no prospects of decent jobs.

WE CAN AND WILL rebuild the mining industry if elected (and we can get the loony Greens off our back)

WELL DONE NICK! Your response has given heart to our people.

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