Saturday, 21 November 2009


Here it is:

It's quite complimentary actually - what little there is of it.

We must be bothering someone. Yeah, way to go!

Kick us out of where? And how?



Anonymous said...

This blogs first article is aimed at the Wigan Independent Councillors ( Bob Brierly and Jim Ellis ) who exposed
plans by Wigan Council to host a workshop for 'key' councillors about BNP extremism.

This blog is good for Wigan, it will show just how vile and nasty UAF followers are, they cannot debate on a political stance, they just try to intimidate and personally abuse individuals who differ from their doctrine.

When the people mark their X on polling day for the British National Party, the bully UAF,

We must ensure people realise how important it is to get out and use their vote for the British National Party, in order to rid our Land of the UAF trash, and their doctrine.

Lanky Patriot said...

Ha ha ha what an interesting blog.
They'll have to do better than that to get anybody to look at it.
There is nothing on it, just as there is nothing in their heads.

I shall certainly not be looking at it again.
A blank piece of paper would be more interesting.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Aye - a blank piece of paper at least has potential.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I just signed in as one of his followers.

Well actually - THE follower.

Feels awful lonely. Need some friends.

Hahahahaha ... sorry, couldn't keep it in any more.

Freeborn John said...

What a weak and watery effort that blog is, I've put deeper political insights into notes for the milkman...
I can't see you gentlemen of the Wigan Patriot being chased from the blogosphere by this fellow any time soon.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hi John.

I've just been over for another look. Seems he's a sensitive soul having removed followers, comment facility etc. Got no sense of humour at all.

And he's trying to sow suspicion amongst our members - but his psyops techniques are primitive in the extreme.