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The British Nationalist: The BNP are NOT Racial Nationalist

I will apologise profusely in advance to 'The British Nationalist" in extracting the following article from their own tremendous blog and posting it here!

It is an excellent blog entry and expostulates with many of our opponents and/or 'new age fascists' out there.

It brought home some parallels to the discussion I had with a 'friend' of mine the other day and which so happened just a week or so after this 'friend' had tried to interupt the last Wigan and Leigh meeting and who had a totally misconstrued opinion and minset of what the BNP stood for and has to offer at this moment in time.

I hate to have to point this out. The British
National Party (BNP) is not a racial-nationalist party. It is an
ethno-nationalist party. Colonel Buckshot, the eminent Nutzi blogger, gave me a
lesson on the Greek origins of the word ethno, when I informed him that they’re
not the same ideology.

The BNP practises localised politics, most
parties do to some extent, but we make special emphasis on it. The
racial-nationalists are incapable of doing this because their worldview is too
broad, they like to preach about ‘the white race’ and the issues faced by the
nations they consider to be ‘white’. Which means absolutely nothing to the
little old lady who just wants traffic calming on her street.

"Racial nationalism is a movement that seeks to promote and protect the interests of the White Race as collective, regardless of national borders and boundaries and any differences between the ethnic/ tribal / national groups that comprise the white race.

Racial nationalism sees no difference between white people regardless where in the world that they come from. It is a universalistic ideology that denies the individuality of members of the white race in favour of some collective notion of the race itself, and thereby sees the individual as nothing more than a set of genes whose worth is measured solely on the genetic content of their body and not the content of their character, their contribution to the higher evolution of the culture of the white race or their political contribution to the protection and promotion of the white race itself. "

By Lee Barnes

We argue that the British are a people apart. A
distinct ethnic group, which is engaged in the struggle to preserve its unique
culture, heritage and birthplace. We support other indigenous groups in their
struggle against the same forces, regardless of race.

racial-nationalists have borrowed heavily from simplistic Nazi racial theory.
The ‘you’re white, and that’s that’ approach, but that doesn’t fit the bill. We
further define our identity by recognising our membership of a national and
cultural group; the observance of its customs, beliefs and language, in other
words, our ethnicity.

Racial nationalism is ideal if you plan on building a
supranational union based on racial bonds. But, the BNP does not support any
overriding power above that of parliament. We believe in self-determination,
rule by our people, of our land. We do not believe that non-British whites – by
virtue of a shared race – can fulfil this role of rule, this is in opposition to
the racial-nationalist school of thought, which says ‘if it’s white, it’s all
right’. If the ruling party of a federated European Union followed the
racial-nationalist ideology, the British racial nationalists would support it
regardless of whether Britain had any representation at the top

racial-nationalists forever attempt to meddle with the BNP, they believe that
because they’re white – and incorrectly assuming that we’re white nationalists –
they have permission to lecture us on our political course, one brother to
another. I’m sorry to say that most of them are American Nazi nutters. You don’t
understand our political system, you don’t understand the British people. Just
back off.

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