Tuesday, 27 October 2009


We already have more reasons to leave the EU than we can count. Well here's another reason coming up.

And just when you thought we had already lost our freedom of speech. It's going to get a lot worse yet. This one will probably badly affect this blog. And the damned muzbots are already whingeing daily.

This government has already taken our physical weapons from us; while at the same time gun-crime is rising and because our borders are now like a sieve to enable mass immigration, it's ever easier for the violent criminal fraternity to smuggle in guns from Eastern Europe. Now they're going to take all we have left from us - the verbal weapon. The EU and the Labour party want us utterly defenceless.

And we wonder why Blair removed the death penalty as a possible punishment for treason.


There is so much going on all at once these days that it's almost impossible to keep up with it, never mind spread the details to other people. That, of course, is intentional.

Is there anyone out there who still trusts the mainstream media (including telly) to keep us informed?




Anonymous said...

They don't want free-thinking people, they want a mindless epsilon-class population.

The truth will set us free, so the saying goes - the EU was built on lies. How long before this directive includes "xenophobia" against the EU Superstate?

You're right Sir, we need out pronto.

phoenix said...

The "E.U. Naval force" get that the "E.U. naval force" (is how Sky T.V. described them) was in operation today in the Indian Ocean, searching for the pirates who have taken that yacht, with two brits aboard.?
next :- "E.U. AIR FORCE"
then :- "E.U. ARMY"
at that point it could be all over.?

Andy said...

The act of even thinking of removing the treason penalty is an act of treason itself.
It still stands and will stand by an act of the people.