Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Here are three comments I made on another blog. I'm posting them here as a single post, with that link so you can get to the context if you need to.

Disgraceful attempt at character assassination.

But then, it’s the BBC so what else can we expect. They KNOW that if we get a referendum the treaty is dead. France and Holland have both already voted the Consitution (same-same Lisbon treaty) down.

I say we should leave the EU altogether. No negotiations, no nicey-nicey, Just send an envoy to Brussels and say “As of (looks at watch with other hand raised) NOW (hand brought down in a chopping movement), “bye bye”.
“Was not nice knowing you”.

Easy peasy.
If the EU get their way they will need a Federal European police force of some sort. I await the day when two ARMED Germans enter this country and use force to take someone – anyone – back to Germany to be held in custody for trial two years later. All without so much as a bye-your-leave to what we laughingly refer to as the “British Authorities” (who by then will have none). Even better if it’s at the person’s home and by forced entry.

For maximum effect it has to be Germans, though at a pinch any nationality will do. Even our own cops and army (especially) would be very highly pissed off about that.

It’s only a matter of time.

Please please God let it be me.

And it would be absolutely PERFECT if it was for a political and/or Free Speech “crime”. As interpreted by, say, a German Turk (Moslem).

The day a Federal Police is formed in Europe, is the day I start trying to provoke such an arrest.


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