Saturday, 31 October 2009


"Woolas, MP for Oldham East & Saddleworth, said he was surprised at the high level of BNP support in Blackburn, but that in Stoke separatist Islamic groups were creating a “very worrying” backlash of support for the BNP. He said: “The British National party is a significant threat in electoral terms in parts of our country as this poll confirms. The mainstream parties must focus on grassroots politics. This can’t be done in television studios in London. It has to be done in the streets.” "

"It has to be done on the streets."

Yes, exactly, so we have to get to work NOW!

Now! - We have six months from our next Wigan and Leigh meeting. So we should ALL be picking up a couple of hundred leaflets EACH at the next and all subsequent meetings and distributing them in the local areas where we live.

And that's not just our local branch - that's every branch in the country. Stop relying on just small groups of activists in every area. Every member and supporter should be doing this. I'm officially disabled, and even I can distribute a couple of hundred leaflets every month - EASILY. So no one has any excuse to do otherwise. In previous elections most of the work has been done by people like me, and people up to 70 yrs old (most, not all, it's fair to say) but let's ALL get involved this time - and from the next meeting.

Myself and one other (also disabled) activist did the town centre a couple of Saturdays before the Euro-elections, and distributed literally thousands of leaflets and scores of copies of Voice of Freedom. A few more volunteers to do this and we can take turns and cover EVERY Saturday from our next meeting to the General Election. No need for a stall and a lot of members at any one time - we showed that we only need to work in pairs handing out leaflets.

We got in the habit of telling people what they were getting before we gave them a leaflet - very few refused to take one. I personally had one man push past me refusing to take one - but when I added "No to the the European Union", he came back and said "Give me one of those". We have many policies that are liked by different people if only they knew what policies we have aside from immigration. The media is fond of telling everyone we are a one trick party - immigration, but we actually cover the entire political spectrum. For sure we have something for everyone somewhere in our spectrum of policies.

Let's roll.


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