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I wonder how many such offences take place each year (no, I'm not talking about the absconding)? And I further wonder what percentage of the offenders are real British? And what percentage of the total population is British (real British)? I wouldn't mind betting there's one hell of a disproportion of such offences commited by immigrants.

If they prosecute me for saying that, my lawyer will demand the figures - and I already know from this post I worked out and created that more Muslims = more sex crimes:

Have you a daughter? 

(A very early venture into writing on the net, as you may guess by my style of writing)

And we've already seen the figures for blacks and gang rape.

When you think about it though, that's not really relevant because every offence committed by an immigrant against a native Brit is an offence that wouldn't have occurred if the immigrant wasn't here. One more young woman whose life wouldn't from now on be troubled. Hammer attacks, gang rapes, nonce rapes (very young girls) Muslims and blacks - they are troubling aren't they. I notice that this sort of thing is extremely rare from Hindus, Sikhs, and Christian-Asian immigrants (my wife was one of those); and the Chinese keep their troubles amongst themselves - very rarely intruding in the lives of natives. Always muslims and blacks - and my guess is that they're mostly African blacks, not West Indians. Just a guess, I must admit; if you know better, please let me know. And the EU is currently in the process of importing a targetted 50 million more Africans.

Not white Rhodesians or white South Africans, I suspect. What do you reckon?

An increasingly weary of all this ...


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andy.beemer said...

I've read a .pdf document published from a prison source that Nationally white Britains are 87.5% of the population but the sex crimes population in prison is 30% for Indo-Asian and blacks combined.

The main body of the document was how to teach/engage/correct the errors of their ways.. that would be easy in my book. Either they 'lose' their gonads or spend a lifetime in a prison situated in the middle of the Sahara desert.

But thats just me.