Wednesday, 9 September 2009


An indication of the Governments and MPs concern about the troops in Afganistan is shown below, taken from "Private Eye" You will note the composition of troops seen by the MPs in the effort to demonstrate "diversity".
These ethnic minorities and women have to do extra duties to demonstrate that worthy cause.

Also note Bill Rammell playing with an expensive toy in his safe playpen Camp Bastion while less secure vehicles are used in active combat.
What takes the biscuit in this foreign foray is the anger of the MPs at being delayed by the need to transport wounded soldiers. Do these army people not realise how important it is to get these valuable people back to their taxpayer funded second homes.

Soldiers are expendable, just cannon fodder but MPs must not be delayed. They have important work to do in the bars of the Houses of Parliament and it was really asking too much to ask them to interrupt their busy rounds of junketing to go to Afganistan.

The esteem in which the government holds our soldiers is shown by the MoDs sending a bill of £395 to the Army Benevolent Fund for a licence and two hours use of a lawn.

Of course in these times of recession costs have to be kept to a minimum and after bank bail outs, bankers bonuses, second homes, moat cleaning, duck houses, porn videos there is little to spare.

Tough choices must be made and it seems the army is being made to take them.

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