Thursday, 10 September 2009


Good news. Wigan Metro is building 14 council houses much to the delight of "Lord" Smith, at a cost of £128000 each. Some of this is funded by the government and some by the Metro. BIG DEAL!

When I was chairman of housing on Billinge UDC we had 602 council housed for a population of less than ten thousand. So 14 houses in 20 years for 380 thousand people in the Wigan Metro area is nothing.

Why, when we are supposedly richer than we were in the Fifties are we able to only build such a paltry amount when there is so much local need?. 50 years ago each little UDC built far more than 14 houses each year.

There is a large waiting list made much worse by the huge numbers of immigrants secretly housed in the area. If these uninvited people were not here we would not be so short of houses.

The policy of not building council houses was brought in by the Tories and has been continued under new Labour while both parties have allowed a massive increase in immigrant numbers and given them priority over locals whose families have been paying into the system for years.

The price of these houses is extraordinary at £128,000. Presumably the council own the land and a good house can be built a lot cheaper.
But who are these houses for. Will they be for large muslim families and will the toilets have to face Mecca (or away I'm not quite sure)

I'll bet Wiganers will not get any priority in spite of having to pay a portion of the cost through council taxes.

If they got rid of the dead wood in the Metro (that's people like you Elliot and you Lord Smith) and the uninvited immigrants they would be able to afford to house Wiganers decently. Lord Smith's allowances for 2 years would pay for one house so you can see the problem.
The combined allowances for Councillors would have paid for 8 of these overpriced house each year.

Tory and Labour governments and councils are respnsible for this shambles and it just indicates how far we as a country have fallen.


phoenix said...

WOW!!!!! 14 houses, sensational news. GET REAL.? With it being such a miniscule number, the question has to be asked if they will be of the Five bedroom mansion type that have to be built for the people with LARGE FAMILIES.? As a 3 bedroom is not big enough for these poor soul's,! children in the household numbering from 6 to GOD knows how many.? As you say Charles, the likely-hood they are for Wiganers is slim.?

Anti-gag said...

A report in today's Daily Telegraph said:

"Scientists report that the Arctic Ocean ice cap has been shrinking to unprecedented levels in recent summers, because of global warming, opening up many passages that were ice-choked in earlier times."
"In July, new NASA satellite measurements showed that sea ice in the Arctic was not just shrinking in area, but thinning dramatically."

The full story can be viewed here: "Global Warming opens Northeast passage to shipping"

Is this just another part of the Global Warming hocus then? Denying the fact of Global Warming is no longer healthy skepticism, it's plain stupid denial.
Chris Hill

Andy said...

Have large families and ensure global warming forever I say.


Lanky Patriot said...

Today in the Mail it says that the last time there was so little ice in the Arctic was 7000 years ago.
They must have produced a lot of CO2 in those pre historic days.

We're all doomed!

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

CO2 is not the only mechanism of climate change, and at times in the past it may not even have been the dominant one. However I think that the records show it has always had a large effect on the climate.
It may even be that release of CO2 into the atmosphere from the planet's eco-systems (Oceans forests etc) was itself trigger by a rise in global temperatures (perhaps caused by mechanism unrelated to CO2 in the atmosphere).

But it doesn't matter, all that should concern us is what the eventual result of this Global temperature increase will be on future generations of all life on Earth. And the answer to that is that it's potentially catastrophic.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...