Sunday, 6 September 2009


Apologies for the poor quality of this picture but it represents the quality of the people pictured.
Many in Wigan will have been unaware of this momentous meeting of political giants which took place at a local Labour Club recently. I was informed about the meeting but had a prior engagemant which prevented me from questioning these tireless campaigners for the people of Wigan.

Recognisable even in this picture is the ubiquitous ex Cllr Franzen who has still refused my challenge to a debate.
His co pannellists include a muslim woman and according to the blurb, representitives from the Socialist Workers Party and the Respect Party.

Ex Cllr Franzen, the furher of the CAP in Wigan seems to have peculiour allies for one who proclaims his allegiance to the "community" in Wigan.
What has a muslim woman got to do with our community? How many of that religion live here?

Which community does ex Cllr Franzen represent, those who have been replaced in their jobs by immigrants or those who wait endlessly on council waiting lists for a house only to be leapfrogged by asylum seekers whose cause he seems to endlessly promote?

Why is he associated with the Socialist Workers Party (surely a contradiction in terms) which attacks us, the BNP, with claw hammers, which has a policy of "British Jobs for British Workers" as a policy? Does he object to this policy or is his community based elsewhere?

Which workers is he trying to protect? certainly not the British Workers.
The Respect Party is party to this violence but it seems only respects views which co incide with its own. Not much respect for other views then.

Why was Dave Nellist invited when he is too extreme even for the Labour Party?
I don't know whether his wealthy friend George Galloway turned up, he was probably in his villa in Portugal, nor do I know how many attended this epic meeting. I have had no reports of crowds in Enfield Street trying to get in.

No I'm sorry ex Cllr Franzen the people of Wigan do not like you. You are too abrasive and your views too extreme and you DO NOT PUT WIGANERS FIRST which I would have thought was imperative even for an ex councillor.

The people of Wigan can see where your sympathies lie and they are not with them and that is why YOU WERE BOOTED OUT.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the exposer of this motley crew, set up to oppose the BNP in Wigan.

I would ask any one paying Union subs to ask themselves if this is what they want representing them, especialy anyone with Family serving in the Our Majestys Forces.

Google will give you further photos from their website, not a pretty sight.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

More on the "Wigan Peoples Alliance" for progressive political action at the 'Socialstresistance'

Comment by Nick Long on 23 August 2009:

"I attended this event -a bit thin on the ground 40-50 in terms of people attending but Wigan were playing Manchester a very local Derby and lots of people would of been on their hols. George Galloway was unable to attend but Dave Nellist spoke well-reminding people that Keir Hardie spend almost x3 decades attending meetings around the country calling for the establishment of the Labour party. Some debate on the No2EU intevention helping the BNP but in reality it was the complete collapse of the Labour vote. Groups in Lewisham are also seeking to following the Wigan example."

Lanky Patriot said...

These idiots of the far Left are unable to see that they are the house trained poodles of the internationalist bankers and global capitalists,groups far removed from those they think they speak for and who are raping our country and people.

I suppose there will always people thick enough to be taken in by their garbage.

People with any brains can see clearly that the only party which sticks up for the British worker and small businesses is the BNP.

Perhaps that is why our support is increasing so rapidly. Wiganers and Leythers are too sensible to be taken in by these fools and thus boycotted their meeting.

We get good turnouts.

Nothing to do with football or holidays, they see them for what they are---losers.