Sunday, 6 September 2009


Just click on this and have a read that will make you happy, if only for today:



phoenix said...

Great news.!! thanks for the link
Henry, Should be interesting and enlightening.? When the Others are waffling round the edges of a question, Nick will go right to the centre and, in the words of an old song, "TELL IT LIKE IT IS"
roll on october...?

phoenix said...

Forgotten to mention that after reading the article in the Times, it was very heart warming to read the comments below it.? The major part of which were for Nick and they had realised the atrocious behaviour, that had gone before. Even those who may not agree with us where sounding positive towards the BNP. It gives you a GREAT feeling.?

Bertie_Bert said...

Great! It's about time the BNP were aloud to get their message across to the people of this country. They've got some very sensible policies (urge people to look on their website and see for themselves) one of which is to get completely out of the EU

Read more:

Can you in your wildest dreams have imagined the Daily Mail allowing comments like this ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Morg,

Nice to see you back, this has made my day !

Once people see the True BNP and Nick Griffin as we are the better for this Country.

The Reds are quakeing ! But will get even more nasty and ruthless.
The people are awakening.

Anti-gag said...

The BBC may be allowing Nick Griffin onto the Question Time program, about time too! Mr Griffin's management ability may be abysmal, but as a spokesman for the party he is simply superb.

"Times report on Question Time's BNP panellist"

Chris Hill