Thursday, 6 August 2009


We went to Codnor today to see what was needed for our RWB festival.
Operations were a bit held up owing to the bad weather and the farmer needing to bale his hay.

However we are ready to go as soon as we can and it will be well organised and promises to be a really good get together.
The council in their usual vindictive way have placed all sorts of restrictions on us, but we will go on in spite of them while obeying the law, however unjust.

We will continue to obey the law, unlike the others but we demand our democratic rights and will have them whatever they do

When the "LIST" of members was stolen published last November the Left thought our membership would plummet. We did lose a few members frightened of victimisation but we gained far more.
This undemocratic attack on our free speech together with the hammer attack on Tony Ward has had an effect.

I am pleased to announce that our Wigan area membership has
INCREASED from 72 to 117.

Not bad for a party allegedly so hated. How many other partie's memberships have seen such a large increase.
That we have done so in spite of the venom and lies shows that the British people know we are the only party which caters for them.

They dare not put Nick Griffin or Andrew Brons on television to debate with senior politicians of other parties, they would anihilate them.
The other parties can see the writing is on the wall.

The Labour sponsored leftist rabble who are going to protest will be met with a large police presence.
I accept they are entitled to their views but we don't protest against their meetings. We are entitled to our get together and cause no disturbance to anyone.
These idiots can not see they are being used by their union bosses whose first interests are not the British workers as they should be.

It is not a drug fuelled Glastonbury populated by rich "rebels" drinking Champagne, just ordinary people meeting up.
What's so wrong with that?

The people living near the RWB site are mainly in favour of our party, indeed the local group has meetings nearby.

Our special thanks are for Alan Warner the farmer who has had to put up with endless vandalism and harrassment but is like a true Brit will not be intimidated.

Well done Alan.
So come on folks support our fest and give this anti British trash the well known two fingered sign.


phoenix said...

Hi Lanky patriot.
It is with great pride that not only am I going next week to the R/W/B,(first time), but today recieved my membership card through the post.
The people who will be demonstrating against us are misguided and brainwashed by the present and previous governments.? They dont understand they are behaving like turkeys rushing towards christmas.?
When eventually the British National Party light dawns on them, lets just hope its not too late.
Looking forward to a great trouble free weekend.? See you all there.?

Lanky Patriot said...

Thanks for that phoenix.
See you there, at the North West tent of course.
I'm taking a few cans as the 15th is my 70th birthday.
We'll drink to the past and hope for a better future with the BNP.
There will be no trouble inside the camp. Security is very good and the reds wouldn't dare come in.
Last year a cop thretened a red if he did not behave he would let him in. That soon shut him up.

I'll post directions in a day or so.

phoenix said...

Lanky Pat, see you there........