Friday, 7 August 2009


The best news of today for me was the £2 billion loss sustained by Rupert Murdoch's media group.

I have been a Times reader for 25 years and paid by subscription. However two months ago I told them I was cancelling my subscription because of the paper and others in his group's unjustified and even lying comments about the BNP.

My last paper will be collected tomorrow, it will come in later for lighting the fire.
The quality of the reporting has deteriorated in recent years .
The financial comments were so obviously inaccurate I stopped reading them. I realised how much was dictated from "on high"

This man Murdoch, an Australian living in America controlls too much of our media so much that the government fears him, and therefore orders things to suit him, not necessarily or often in Britain's interests.
The other paper owners are the same. Less than a dozen control most of the media.

And that's why the banks have been given so much money, they are in league with the media barons, all dedicated to destroying our country through the sinister "Common Purpose" vehicle which so few know about.

Is it a co incidence that Mandelson is visiting the Rothschild villa in Corfu this week on holiday when this week he is supposed to be deputising for the Prime Minister who is spending a week "doing good works" whatever that means, no doubt with a gurning smile on his face?
The bankers and media barons are increasingly fearful of the BNP's progress.

You find these things in small ways.
Today I met a man who was afraid to even watch a DVD of our BNP meeting in case it got out that he did so. He is retired but people close to him presumably in the security services must NOT be associated with the BNP.

I said that they must be very "jumpy" about us and he said they were.
So there you have it. The security forces are jumpy about a small party with councillors, and just two MEPs with no history of violence or threats to our country makes the security forces see us as a danger.

Now the question is "Who to"?
The answer is the bankers who have been screwing the working British people and been subsidised while raking in obscene bonuses for doing so, while allowing genuine businesses to go bankrupt and people losing their homes.

The stupid thing is that the leftist UAF are just stooges for these wealthy bankers. That's why Cameron supports them.
Think about it, so called socialists led by an Eton educated Tory toff like a flock of sheep.
Shows how thick they are.

The BNP would use British money to help British people and jobs and if the banks went broke as a result of their casino mode of business they could sink.


I have been challenged to a debate on the WEP by ex Cllr Franzen aka "Hagar the Horrible".
For once I agree with him, at least on his name. He said I did not accept his challenge.
I have agreed to a debate with him but my posts keep being deleted by I presume "Socialist".
It is a waste of time trying to debate on that rag where posts keep being deleted.

I will debate in September, publicly at a venue of my chosing secure from leftist thugs with cameras from both sides which should ensure fair play.

I await his reply.


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Lanky, the thought of a genuine debate with Hagar aka LEADER of Community Action Party (Ideloggy - (was) Social Democrats (Marxism) now claim to be Environmentalism and Localism) the deluded the egotistical the downright loud mouthed anything British hating, muslim loving antagonistic combat trouser wearing and Che Guevara wannabe Peter Franzen, fills me with glee!

Although, I don't really believe Mr Franzen will duly take up the offer of a "real" political challenge.

Mr Franzen is a specious character, and I certainly wouldn't trust him to play fair! Lest we forget that it was Mr Franzen who tipped of his RESPECT pal Mr Hall who in turn whipped up the hysteria with his circulated email to all his UAF/ANTIFA/HOPENOTHATE/WALUAR/SEARC-HLIGHT hammer wielding buddies in the unions and local council offices in March, when we tried to hold the Battle for Britain roadshow in Leigh.

But, if I am indeed wrong and he accepts the challenge in earnest, you will absolutely wipe the floor with him. He and the other left wing factions have no political defence against our policies, the only thing they can do is shout futile insults and stamp their feet. Oh, and swing the odd claw hammer about!

It may be a good idea Lanky to have a look at the CAP's manifesto, and to get a good idea of were they come from politically! Just have a look at their No:7 on the list!!!


These are bogus issues created by the media and the national parties to divert attention away from their own shortcomings. We are opposed to all forms of racism and to the anti-asylum hysteria promoted by New Labour, the Tories and the BNP.

Freeborn John said...

Is this fellow the same Peter Franzen who got into hot water for giving a Nazi salute at a council meeting? Must have been the Fascist Left in him coming out...

Lanky Patriot said...

Freeborn John. Yes the very same man.

I know as LLN says I would thrash him in civilised debate, although I accept it is not his forte.
It,s worth a try to shut him up and demolish what credibility thinks he has.
We would then distribute DVDs.

Come on Hagar don't be frightened.
I'm not the horrible one, ask anybody.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Here is the transcript of Peter Franzen and Stephen Hall's correspondence; encouraging violence against BNP members and supporters in Leigh earlier this year in March.

Anti-fascist mobilisation to stop the BNP in Leigh Fri 13 Mar
Report by Stephen Hall
Published: 12/03/09


In the last few minutes I have been informed by Peter Franzen leader of the Community Action Party in Wigan, based on information provided to him by a prominent member of the SWP in Wigan, that BNP leader Nick Griffin is planning on speaking at a BNP Rally/Public Meeting at the Pure Night Club, Bridgewater Street, Leigh this Friday (13th March) at 7.30pm.

As a former Leigh TUC President, and a prominent socialist activist of over thirty years in the town, I am issuing an urgent appeal to every anti-fascist living within the North West to mobilise to stop this event from taking place, and to come and help us kick Nick Griffin and his nazi scum-bag mates out of of our town.

We've no idea how long this meeting has been planned, and how many BNP thugs he'll be bringing along, indeed for all we know it could be a regional or even national mobilisation for the BNP, so everyone will really need to pull out the stops given the extremely short notice, and help to try and build for the largest possible turnout of anti-fascists if we're at all going to have a chance of stopping the event from taking place.

Anti-fascist forces are being asked to assemble at the Ellesmere pub on St.Helens Road in Leigh at 6.30pm (opposite Bridgewater Street).

Please publicise far and wide.

I will send further updates as soon as I know any more.

Stephen Hall

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

"An inquiry has been launched following claims that a councillor made a Nazi salute during a council meeting discussing asylum seekers, it emerged today (December 20).

Peter Franzen, who is leader of Wigan Council's Community Action Party, is accused of making the racist hand-sign as he walked out of a meeting in November.

He vehemently denies making the gesture branding the allegations "outrageous" and "malicious slurs".

The matter was referred to the Standards Board for England, the organisation which oversees ethical standards of members of local government.

The board has launched an inquiry which is expected to report back in the New Year...

...The claims follow a full council meeting on November 2 in which Mr Franzen was speaking on the issue of asylum.

He was ordered to finish his submission following a vote by other councillors and is alleged to have made the gesture as he left the chamber.

He denied the claims, adding they were politically motivated and part of a long-running feud with the Labour-run council..."

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

"...... retained comfortable control of the Council in Wigan and were delighted to see the vicious leader of the Community Action Party – Peter Franzen – lose his seat. Unfortunately the Cons! Continued to build a stronghold in the Standish and Shevington areas....."