Monday, 17 August 2009


This year's RWB was the best ever. I know we always seem to say that but it is true as the numbers keep growing in spite of the local council doing their best to stop us.

Thick Weybum the ugly professional state funded demonstrator said he would destroy our event.
Well Weybum, FAILED AGAIN. Another failure to add to your tally.
An indication of the petty mindedness of the council and hopefully soon to be replaced MP is that we accepted that we were not allowed amplified music but they insisted this lad was not allowed to play his drum kit.
All my life at local walking days, etc we have had brass bands but it seem we were not allowed this innocent pleasure.
Nothing to do with noise as we had music from CD players in cars. The biggest noise was the police helicopter hovering over us.

Yesterday a clay pigeon shoot was taking place on a field near the site, plenty of noise there.

The field was full of tents, indeed if many more had come there would not have been room.
Similarly the car park. You can always judge by the numbers of cars and there were almost double this time.

CONGRATULATIONS to Wigan and Leigh group. 30% of our members attended (I'm not saying how many, that's our business) and those attending for the first time were impressed by the spirit of unity and friendliness of the occasion.


And more tents

And yet more
I admit I did miss several meetings on Saturday but it was my birthday. Sitting around and talking with friends seemed the better option ( well it did after a few glasses of whisky).
Some of the "party goers" at Charles 70th Birthday Bash on the Saturday evening. Suitable clothing was necessary due to the bitter winds blowing over the Derbyshire Dales. But, as the party got going in earnest the cold wind was soon forgotten about when the Champagne started to flow!

The entertainment was provided by the talented "Bolton Tony" with his set of local folk songs which soon got a few more attendees, including our very own Deputy Chairman Simon Darby amongst the many many others that evening.

We were not disturbed by the so called "anti fascists" gathering outside, indeed we never heard them and it was only the police helicopter that told us anything was going on. Otherwise we had to ask security if they were there.

All these people did was delay some of our people getting to the event. This action should have been prevented by the police. The congestion caused difficulty for the local people and we apologise for that but they, having more intelligence than the idiots blockading the road could see who the trouble causers were, indeed a local lady is our newest member having seen the antics of this state and big business sponsored mob. She joined on Sunday!

Another shot to the foot Weybum! You said you would "kettle us in". No Weybum you and your rabble were kettled out.

Our people were given a friendly welcome by the locals before and after the rabble departed.
There were many interesting debates and displays that I sometimes felt we could have done with a couple more days.


ANDREW BRONS MEP with Peter Tierney behind.

A good illustration that there is no "side" to our top men. Can you imagine other senior politicians mingling thus, Brown, Cameron, or God help us Farage. Too self important to mingle with the "little people" who pay their allowance.

Thanks Andrew, an example of true democracy.

Unfortunately although I wanted to meet Andrew there was so much to do that I didn't manage to do so. I'll have to leave that to the conference.

Andrew gave a speech towards the end of the proceedings yestrday showing the corruption and creeping dictatorship of the EU. Even he and Nick who had long campaigned against that "Soviet" institution had not previously realised how bad it was.

As usual Nick wound up with a rousing speech and a pledge that although the law is constantly being altered to stop us we will win through whatever they do.

The event ended as usual with the singing of "Jerusalem"

P S It seems our web and forum has been attacked. Why go to all this trouble for such a "small" party? Do they fear something? Yes they do,they fear the truth and us for exposing it.

They are right to fear us.

WE WILL WIN in spite of anything they can do.

PPS Thanks to Jim Harrison for the photos (and congrats at getting a photo on the BBC today introduced by the fruit salt woman) It was you wasn't it. I bet you didn't tell her you were in the BNP.


Anti-gag said...

It sure looks like you all had a good time, despite ANaL's attemps to throw a spanner in the works.

As for the Wigan members 30% turnout, that's fantasitic!

Well done Wigan BNP

Chris Hill

Has anyone thought of putting out a thank you leaflet in the village, pointing out that the disruption to their lives was not caused by the BNP, but by the unwashed yobs of UAF. OK you'll say "they already know that", but a quick reminder to reenforce the point wouldn't hurt now would it.

phoenix said...

It was a fantastic weekend, and if any member hasn't been, then I STRONGLY recommend that next year, you make it.?
Chris, there are a lot of people to thank, starting with Alan Warner, for having the courage, resistance and strength to ignore the mindless morons, who made constant threats against him, his family and his farm. ALAN stood his ground. We need more people with his courage to stand up and be counted.? Then the Villagers for, in the main accepting our presence there, and understanding the thuggish and loutish behaviour, was nothing at all to do with the membership of the British National Party. Then there is the very professional private security that kept us safe. Last but not least there is the Derbyshire police force for the vigilant and effective way they kept the FASCISTS out of our camp.
It would be interesting to ask the FASCISTS what they would have done had they managed to get inside the perimeter. Bearing in mind there were very small children on that site.? Or doesn't that bother them.?



Sorry we failed to meet I was looking and asking black and white collie owners, but being a family event there was a Lot of dogs !

I am Wigan and Leigh Branch.


likeminded people coming together, without fear of being called various names, by the pc swad.

to see children and teens and the elder generation respecting each other wanted to make you cry, there is a lot of very decent youth in our land.

HAVE YOU SEEN that Post Master
refuseing to let Mothers send parcels to the Lads In Afgan
Must sign off or I will be done for supporting our Troops and offending Muslims.

Bet this is not in the News of the World etc.

God bless the BNP

phoenix said...

Hi British Lady, sorry we didn't meet but maybe at the next Wigan meeting.? You were looking for the wrong coloured collie, mine is red (liver) and white. With regards to that piece of disgusting excuse for a human being. He should have his P.O. licence taken off him and then deported for treason.? An act against one of Her Majesty's soldiers family, is an act against the crown.?
What will our government response be to this.? NO ACTION TAKEN.?