Wednesday, 12 August 2009


We've been down in Codnor for a couple of days helping to put up the marquees. All is done apart from the big political one which will be completed tomorrow.

Altogether there were about 25 tents of activists helping with the work, and it was nice to share a beer after work finished.
It is the first time I have camped in a tent for 20 years, this made necessary by the vindictive local council, and the experience was certainly enjoyable.

Yesterday the site was visited by two officials in high visibility jackets, (you can't be too careful, Health and Safety you know). They checked the washing facilities and walked round the mainly as yet nearly empty site, but it was a pleasant walk for them in the sunshine and out of the office.

They refused to believe there were no more than 3 caravans on the site and even thought we had them in the regional marquees.
Having been reassured by the farmer Alan Warner that he would not allow us to exceed the paltry 3 caravans on the site they slapped an injunction on him to prohibit more than 3 and he must appear in court on Friday.

Not only that he must pay £150 for the cost of this unnecessary action AND THE COUNCIL'S COSTS.
Alan had told them there would be no more than 3 so why the injunction.
I have had no injunction on me to not allow caravans on my farm so why should he.

Do so called "Travellers" have to pay for the costs of evicting them from trespass? or even cleaning up the mess they leave behind.?, so why should Alan have to pay for a "crime" he said he would not commit?
Of course not, they are a protected ethnic group in spite of most of them being Irish, the difference being that we are not protected and this is our country.

Possibly it is because these useless bureaucrats know that when we have any power they will have a price to pay. THE SACK, or transfer to a job useful to the community rather a leech on council tax payers.

To end people in the town seem very positive to us in spite of what the papers say.
Union flags and St George crosses are flying and our members are being given the "thumbs up" in local shops.

It's the disruption of the vandals of the far left that the locals don't want.

Hope to see a lot of you there on Friday or Saturday.
Time for the journey home this evening 1 hour 30 minutes.


Bertie_Bert said...

The attempt to drag us into court on Friday with regards the caravan issue has now been suitably resolved.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

You said:
"They refused to believe there were no more than 3 caravans on the site and even thought we had them in the regional marquees."

I don't understand, how could they not have believed that there were only 3 caravans on site, can't these people count up to three?

Also what do you mean by " we had them in the regional marquees", you has what or who in the marquees?

I think the local council have made it clear that they intend to intimidate festival goers at every chance they get (legal or illegal). These council officials are simply obeying the orders of their political masters. They are nothing more than boot-lickers.

Although I attended the first 7 RWB (2000-2006)I'm afraid I can't attend this year, because I was given a 5 year ban for violent behaviour at the 2007 RWB (an invent I didn't attend by the way). So I guess it's not just our political opponents that stoop to these dirty tricks.

But best wishes to all the Wigan group who attend this year, and for that matter everyone else as well.

Chris Hill