Saturday, 1 August 2009


I believe the "Hate Democracy Love Violence" aka "Hope not Hate" organisation is to hold another get together at The Swan and Railway pub in Wallgate following their successful event a couple of months ago.
This Labour Party funded fascist group is using a venue previously used by us.

Now I admit we did use the pub to our advantage, in an effort to give a little help to the landlord but really the venue was too seedy for the quality of our organisation and that is why we did not invite our best speakers.

Sometimes there was no beer or little choice but we tried our best to make a few bob for the pub.
The fact that they have to cater for this rabble now just shows how bad things have become, and I hold no ill feeling towards them, indeed they have my sympathy.

To be forced to throw open your premises to this rag tag group, few no doubt from Wigan must be a heartbreak but business is business.
Not much beer will be sold because apart from misguided bearded vicars who only drink lemonade most of the others will be on stronger stuff such as cannabis or cocaine.

I wonder whether I might attend this uplifting experience, but would I be allowed in to this hate free do without a claw hammer. I haven't got one as I have not needed it since finishing work and did not envisage I might need one for a party.

Shall I buy one?


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Lanky Patriot said...

Not even if I bring a claw hammer?
I may try and come to your do.

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