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In the post below, Lanky writes about the up and coming Hope Not Hate event to be held in Wigan. An event being held in one of our "old" meeting grounds.

Now, as Lanky points out; it was a dingy, pokey little hole, but, WE did like the pub! It's a typical old fashioned drinking hole (wipe your feet as you'd leave, type) and which sadly, there's not too many of these left nowadays. The Swan and Railway was apt for us at that particular time as the Wigan and Leigh British National Party started to find it's bearings and our popularity in the borough began to expand. So, it did it's job for us in the "beginning."

And as you are all more than aware, we have now grown to such an extent that we now hold meetings at venues that can accommodate in excess of 240 patriots, as last Tuesday evening proved.

So, do you think the hammer wielding HopenotHate outfit think they're getting one over on us because they believe they've "hijacked" our venue? It wouldn't surprise me to read on some leftist blog or website to have them put claim to such a move! Or, is it all just a smoke screen? Lest we forget that even our very own Lord Peter Smith, was out and about delivering HopenotHate leaflets in Leigh during the European Election campaign! Can you imagine a man of his "calibre" attending this meeting with the stench of stale ale, the aroma of the urinals and the waft from the deep fried chips and sausage interrupting his oxygen intake?

Remember that Manchester's Derek Adams successfully uncovered via the freedom of information act that the chambers of Manchester City Council were leased to the HopenotHate outfit not too long ago? Are they doing the same here in Wigan? It's plausable, maybe a little bit of digging by our own "cyber" activists could reveal the truth? It all seems a little to cosy for my liking, certainly with it being advertised in the papers and on the shops sandwich boards etc, or, are they just trying to entice trouble or create the trouble between themselves? We've certainly seen from past experiences how these misfits work haven't we!

Anyway, will our very own Mr(R)Ed be in attendance I wonder? Or, how about this little upstanding pillar of our community?


And which her past roles have included:Chair of the Wigan Constituency Labour Party:
Wigan Constituency Labour Party election agent.
Chair of the Wigan Labour Local Government Committee.
Chair of Wigan Constituency Labour Party candidate selection committee.
Promoter of Wigan Labour Party newsletters and election leaflets.
Chair of Wigan and Leigh Housing Board.
Chair of the board of Governors of Mere Oaks Special School.
Member of the board of Governors of Brookfield Community High School.
Member of the board of Governors of Oakfield Community High School.
Member of Wigan North Township Forum.
Chair of Wigan and Leigh United Against Racism.

Or, how about Tara Hewitt being in attendance:

Maybe, Wigan Council's Hate-Crime Coordinator Elliot Brown will show up? And I'm sure most of you will know of our Elliot, but, for those of you who don't? Here is what he wrote on the comments section on the Wigantoday website; in relation to an article " MAN LABELS WIGAN MOST RACIST PLACE IN BRITAIN"

elliot,17/01/2008 12:28:33

"Imbeciles was the old name for those children that are borne from incestuous relationships. It is a little known fact that a certain area within the borough of wigan and leigh had the highest rate of imbeciles in the UK. Its true to say that at one point in the history of the borough....some fathers thought on it as their priveledge to de-flower their daughters. Infact in some areas, it was the expectation.Thank goodness for new blood coming into the Borough. The aggression from some people on the issue of 'new blood coming into the area' is, the view of many,...that this is infact remnants of 'the good old days', it were!"

Now I must apologise for this video below in advance? But, if I could ever imagine a HopenotHate meeting then I feel this video fits the bill perfectly!

A glimpse of the inside of the Swan and Railway can be seen at 1:43!

Here Mr(R)Ed plays the leading role:



red said...


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...


red said...


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...


red said...
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Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I feel now is the time to say goodbye to Mr(R)Ed! They have shown that they have no argument, no debate and certainly no common sense. Only that they hate you, me and the British Isle's.

If Mr(R)Ed can come back with a political opinion that can pick the bones out of our policies, (and string more than a couple of sentences together coherently) then I'm sure they'd be welcomed back?

As it stands at this moment in time "NO BLOODY PARMESAN" to you Mr(R)Ed!

Freeborn John said...

Bravo! Mr Parmesan was starting to grate...


Just read the following off

a UAF supporter informing us "Wigan Inbreds" ( Elliot Brown )

just what they intend for our future in Wigan, remember the " new blood " Elliot talked about
he too is obviously one of this gang - his words and intentions of Wiganunite are very simlilar

Quote from WEP Turner Thread

42 wigan unite,wigan 02/08/2009 15:44:59

mr turner is not going on holiday , he is going on a fact finding trip which will enable him to help us to enhance our multicultural society and encourage diversity in our town, and we dont care whether you nazis like it or not, we will be there to silence you everywhere you go, including your nazi fhurer griffin and co, we dont believe in freedom of speech for fascist scum like you or wether your gestapo boot boys were democratically elected or not

Do we need this TRASH dictating to Wigan people ?

Please tell your friends about this Site we need to
stand together.

Andy said...

Maybe an interesting side to the UAF's night out would be a quiz night funded by the BNP.

Why not a £100, to get all the answers correct.

1.Define correctly Fascism?

2.Define correctly Nazism?

3. Which of the two previous questions denotes left wing?

4.The BNP are espoused to reiterate NAZI slogans. Name one.

5.How many active BNP members committed an act of terrorism?

6. True or false: Nick Griffin lost his eye practicing military manoeuvres on his farm.

7. True or false. The BNP do not want the Ghurkas to live in the British isles

8. One for 'red': Define "parasan". (So he won't feel completely inadequate).


Good game? Lets have more questions, litigious myths, legends and of course, parodies.
I wonder how many would get the money?

phoenix said...

What a good idea Andy. That would cause them some consternation.?


Do any Wigan Councillors have the " bottle " to condem this imtimidation by this UAF member

wigan unite,wigan
Turner Resigns
WEP03/08/2009 12:42:46

we find it disgusting that vile fascist scum like you are allowed to walk the streets and air your extremist views when good anti fascits are being incarcerated because of their sexual orientation, we will do whatever it takes to silence you bigotted scum

By not condeming these bullys they are guilty by association, think about it.

Lanky Patriot said...

Good anti fascists being incarcerated because of their sexual orientation?
I thought Homosexuality was legal and even encouraged.
The only sexual orientation crime is paedophilia.
Does that mean the UAF is a paedophile group?