Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I have always considered Gary Wilkes a decent man who had the guts to resign from the odious CAP controlled by Fuerher Peter Franzen. I thought he had the interests of the people of Ashton and Bryn at heart and was a democrat.

UNFORTUNATELY NOT. He has it seems been infected by the self serving virus of Wigan Metro as shown by the following extract from the Wigan Reporter.

He is upset at the number of people in the Wigan area voting BNP and wonders what the council can do about it. He wants a debate of "the main parties" about this election result.

I thought you were "Independent" Gary and would be therefore excluded from such a debate, or are you a secret supporter of the corrupt Labour group.
Let's have some honesty here Gary. Are you Independent or not?

He accuses the people who voted BNP of being "Fascist".
My reaction to that slander is "judge people by their actions"

As in the letter to the Chief Executive of Wigan MBC (below) the virtuous Mr Wilkes supported an objection to a sign in a garden saying "Vote BNP" and asked if the Metro could insist on its removal as it was "a hate sign".
Now I don't know whether our Gary has a poor grasp of English but there is no indication of "hate" in that sign.

Admittedly the policies of the BNP do not coincide with his views but I always thought toleration of different opinions was a hallmark of democracy and intolerance of the same indicative of Fascism.

How many complaints did you receive Gary? Possibly several from the same intolerant person.

People of our persuasion also object to Labour, Tory and CAP signs in people's gardens but we do not try to get them banned on such spurious grounds in spite of the damage those parties have done to our country.

You see Gary, we are democrats and not fascists. We are prepared to accept people have different opinions.


The people of the North West are getting increasingly sick of their jobs being lost, housing being taken by foreigners and being ignored by the people in power.

The high vote for the BNP in Wigan is a reflection of the disgust at the politicians who promised to look after our interests. It has little to do with the expenses scandle, that is country wide.

It is a reflection on you and your Metro colleagues and our MPs.
We like to think (and this is accepted by our party) that it is also a reflection of our local party's work in engaging with the people and countering the lies put out by the biased media.

After meeting us and talking with us people can see who the real fascists are and they certainly aint us Gary.
For all your bleating to the press the internet enables us to by pass their censorship.

WE ARE HERE TO STAY AND WE WILL GROW, and there is nothing you can do about it.



red said...

i would not bet on it if i were you!

red said...

Martin Smith was in Wigan tonight speaking about NAZIS and you missed him tut tut never mind.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Mr(R)Ed said:

"i would not bet on it if i were you!"

So what "democratic" plan do you have in your arsenal to combat the rise in popularity of the British National Party in the Wigan area?

Can you give us some feedback on what Martin Smith had to say in Wigan? Surely, if he's that good he can convince the whole of Wigan Borough never ever to vote BNP again?

Or, did you not go either?

Once again Mr(R)Ed, I see you as the real Nazi and Fascist!

My conscience is clear, is yours?

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

A Wigan Labour Councillor has admitted child sexual offensives, and possession of a loaded Smith and Wesson revolver. Now we learn that Cllr Wilkes wants Wigan council to debate the threat from decent BNP voters.

Democracy seen as a bigger threat to Labour, and their political cronies, than Child abuse and gun crime.

Says it all I think.
Chris Hill

Link to the story below:
"Labour's own child porn criminal"

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Just one other point which I think arises from the story above.

An ex BNP member (Robert Cottage)was jailed a few years ago for possession of cleaning chemicals and an air pistol, which the police said could have been used during civil disturbances. Cottage was clearly a disturbed individual who had no intention of hurting anyone, but was refused bail and sent to jail. Although Ex councillor Shaw is clearly just as disturbed, given his interest in child pornography, I don't think it can be claimed that his intentions were peaceful. So why was (the then still) Labour Cllr Shaw given bail?

Makes you think doesn't it!

phoenix said...

RED :- Mr Martin Smith was in town tonight,! and we MISSED him.?
Oh how fortunate we are..... What a clever man HE is.? I DON'T THINK..
Mr Smith has said this week, (Freedom of speech is for everybody except the BNP,?)
There is no such thing as PARTIAL freedom of speech. except on planet Martin Smith.

Lanky Patriot said...

It's funny that when the quality emerges the termites come out of their holes to try and feast on it.
The BNP does what it says on the tin.
We will blow a breath of fresh air into politics and blow all the rubbish out.
We are better than Cuprinol.

Anonymous said...

I have been erased

from the WEP,

BNP debate ( NW BNP

DEBATE ) and all my

comments on


I have been removed

because free speech

offends Johnson Press.

I will post the

following here ..

The only way Wigan

People can access the truth.

Belfast Anti-Gypsy Violence: A BNP Statement
Fellow Patriot,

The sickening wave of racist violence directed at the newly arrived Romanian Gypsy migrants in Belfast has drawn universal condemnation from all quarters, including the British National Party.

The BNP wishes to state publicly that it considers the mindless violence in Ulster as reprehensible and futile, and wishes to make it crystal clear to all that we have nothing whatsoever to do with the ongoing attacks against the Romanians, regardless of the claims of various political and media commentators.

The BNP demands that the police in Belfast arrest the criminals behind these attacks and bring them to justice. We also wish to make it clear that the BNP has not been involved with the troubles in any capacity whatsoever. Always on the look out to smear the BNP in any way possible, the media has been desperately trying to incriminate the Party in this wave of violence - but we state categorically that this false claim is nothing but the pathetic lies of the liberal-left media.

Blaming the BNP is also attractive to media liars and head-in-the-sand politicians who refuse to address the genuine problems caused in working class communities by irresponsible mass immigration.

But the truth of the matter is that as long as "multiculturalism" and uncontrolled mass immigration continues to be official policy, we will continue to see inter-communal violence and bloodshed like recently in Belfast. The race riots on the British mainland and the Belfast attacks are, unfortunately, the tip of the multicultural iceberg.

To the brainwashed liberal-left multiracial fanatics of the media and the main parties any failings in the so-called "multiracial society" must be the work of racist bigots - hence their attempts to blame the BNP.

We call on the establishment politicians to carefully consider their policies on immigration, social affairs and politically correct policing which are undermining the stability of parts of Belfast and Ulster which can ill afford these added strains, when taking into account the history of that region.

Ulster has suffered greatly over the years, and to see sectarianism replaced by racism would not only be a tragedy but would be the fault of politicians and community leaders who refuse to see the truth.

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP
Chairman, BNP

Please WEP readers,

spread the TRUTH,


Anonymous said...

Independent Coucillor

Gary Wilkes

Care to reply ?

Blood on Their Hands:

Will Brown, Blair,

Duncan-Smith and

Cameron Own up to

Their Part in the

Iraq War Fiasco?

June 15, 2009 by BNP News


Lanky Patriot said...

I have banned the WEP as it is biased against us.
The good news is that the company is in financial difficulties as fewer readers buy the worthless rag.
We can hit back by boycotting it and telling our friends to do the same.
We will still be here when they are a distant unpleasant memory.
There is more news of worth on this blog than in that rag and it is not censored.

Andrew said...

For me to make any point on the WEP I first have to tell peerguardian to allow its IP across into my pc. Comments run through ClearBlue Technologies.

Rings a bell....