Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The politics of the new speaker John Bercow not so long ago seem very like those of the BNP although somewhat more draconian.

He said, when a young Tory politician that "there should be an end to New Commonwealth and Pakistani immigration, a properly financed system of voluntary repatriation, the repeal of the Race Relations act andthe abolition of the Commission for Racial Equality with particular emphasis on repatriation"

He has since moved to the Left much to the annoyance of the Tory establishment and was thus elected as Speaker because the Tories do not like him, a strange reason for chosing a high official.
His move to the Left was it is said because he married a Labour supporter and "discovered sex and the Labour Party at the same time".

So it was fine to express these views when a Tory MP which are not therefore fascist but when we hold the same views we are portrayed as fascists.
Strange double standards I think.

No wonder politicians are held in such contempt, changing their views at the slightest whim (or "love") and how far they have drifted from the views of the electorate.
They, the politicians of all the major parties are devoid of principle and the sooner these charlatan thieves are removed from power the better.

So question./
When is a view fascist? Answer when it is stated by the BNP.
When is the same view not fascist? Answer, when it is stated by a Tory.


Andrew said...

Isn't this a bit too complicated for REd to understand?

poppy said...

this just goes to show who the fascists reallyare