Monday, 22 June 2009


Got back from Blackpool yesterday, tired but elated . The event originally billed as a "Summer School" was altered to be more of a celebration. It was nice to renew acquaintances with friends from all over the country and chat about our experiences in the election.
Outside on the windswept rainy Blackpool Promenade were the "two thousand" paid (£20 each I'm told) demonstrators of Weyman's (and the other one Smith I think his name is) Hope not hate or antifa or whatever they call themselves. It must have been dispiriting for them to stand outside on a rainy day and be ignored even for 20 quid.


The reason the photo was taken was to warn members of the huge numbers who will oppose us wherever we go.
I'm shaking in my boots.

I believe there was some of the usual chants but we did not hear them as we listened to well delivered and moving speeches in the main hall.
Simon Darby (from whose blog I pinched this picture) showed his egg spattered tie.

He had paid £10.50 to have his suit cleaned which he thought was a very good deal for £1 million's worth of publicity. The thugs of the far Left never learn do they? They always shoot themselves in the foot and gain us sympathy and votes.

Nick's speech was one of his best everwhere he stated his aims as an MEP and how he would channel some of his income to North West charities and Andrew would do the same in the North East. I was particularly pleased that our group "was mentioned in dispatches" as playing a pivotal role in our victory, although again I think the Leigh hammer incident by Leftist thugs also helped.

Unfortunately there were so many cameras I was unable to film the speech but a Wigan member has much of it he says. It will be well worth watching.
Basically I think the venue is too small for our rapidly growing party's conferences, but our thanks are due to the owner of The New Kimberley Hotel for his help in the hard times. A great venue I think for local North West functions.

I can't get over Andrew Brons knowledge of the political system. No wonder he made Margaret Hodge look a fool on CHannel 4. With Nick and Andrew the politicians have more than met their match. Intellectually they will bury them.

Cllr Paul Golding gave a good account of the success of our "Operation fightback" where we have forced retractions of the lies printed in the press about us such as the Gurkhas scandle. We must all play our part in resisting lies from any quarter and using the law to hit back. More about that in another blog.

Foolishly I had promised my wife that after the election we could relax.

Not so. It was explained that we must consolidate and turn all the goodwill we have gained to good use and increase our influence further.
There will be another summer school to plan our strategy and we have picked up ideas for our area. We must strike while the iron's hot and we will.

THE DAM HAS BROKEN! Now we must sweep aside the rubbish (pictured above) and continue our progress to our goal.


Anti-gag said...

I remember a 1950's classic British film called 'Albert RN', which I suggest UAF watch before calling their next demo.

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

Just spoken with my sister. She's a bit of a woolly headed Liberal but she, unprompted by, me said what good publicity the egg throwing incident in London was for us.
Perhaps we should encourage these "defenders of democracy" to step up their game. Or are there not enough of them. Will mummy not let them out?

Andrew said...

I think we all should join the UAF for the turn up fee of £20.. We could donate it to a good cause.

red said...

charles you are talking utter rubbish now. By the way im on the photo. Cheeeeesss!

Lanky Patriot said...

Congrats at being on the photo. Which of the 2 thousand were you?
Did you get your 20 quid for standing in the rain and being ignored.
We were inside and were told that there was the usual scruffy rabble outside.I could have looked but couldn't be a**ed.
BTW was Weybum there? I heard he had booked in to a top hotel.

red said...

you should appear on jackanory with these stories i cant stop laughing lol lol lol lol lol lol what utter garbage you speak.