Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Do I look like an SS stormtrooper?

Do any of us?



red said...

Do i really have to reply? ha ha ha! we have all not stopped laughing all day its like an episode of dads army,faulty towers and luarel and hardy put together!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please do,

A web site need a bit of light relief

Your input proves our point,

Mr Troll

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Ahhh red - if only you knew what we are up to ...

You're not going to like it.

bluenora11 said...

In reply to red

Are you still around, I dont think you have any friends.
I am sure that the vast majority of the voters are more intelligent than you, they will not be brainwashed by liars and thieves.
Roll on June 4th and let the people speak.

Andrew said...

I've spoken.. For the first time in my life! With a big kiss on the top of the voting slip. The low turn out of my area has not been so. I wonder if they voted labour? hahaha.

Thank you red setter,, for the direction you have helped to point in my way of life.

Who's "we"? Doesn't matter, you are obviously welcome here. Every court has its clown.