Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I notice Ian Mc Cartney says he has given £30,000 to an Indian charity and will visit India at his own expense to see how it's going. How virtuous of him.

I think many who according to the Times got over £3000 per day for their services could also be so generous. I'm sure there are other worthy charities closer to home in his own constituancy who could benefit. After all we have been paying for his house,towels and wardrobes etc.
He also trains civil servants. If he trains them no wonder they are so often incompetent.

Neill Turner is in the top 10% of claimants but we don't as yet know the details. We don't know much of what he does for Wigan either.

As Morgan said in his letter to the WEP the MPs of all parties have got it wrong. Their job is to represent us but instead they represent the government to us. They are supposed to be our servants not our masters.
The whole system stinks. We do not have a true democracy.

More will come out in the coming days and weeks until the BIG ONE Tony Blair.

His expenses will also come under scrutiny and will be big. The Telegraph will release them later to embarrass Labour, after all they are a Tory paper.

It's good to see these greedy MPs under fire. We are used to it from the left wing papers. The difference is that they print lies about us like the Gurkha story. Fortunately we are stronger now and have the clout to hold them to account.

The reports of the 10,000 enquiries a day the Party has been receiving are heartening and to my mind give the lie to reports of us only having 3% in the polls.

We have never received such a low percentage in any election so I can not believe these results, but all the media are against us and are trying to talk up UKIP and the Greens to show a vote for us as wasted.

We'll see on June 4 th. We are not there yet but in spite of them we are progressing.


red said...

Legends ha ha ha in your own minds. keep the North West Fascist free and keep NAZIS OFF OUR STREETS

Abu Abdullah said...

We'll see on June 4 th.

You'll find out sooner than that. There is a local council by-election in Salford this Thursday, the 21st of May. Lib, Lab, Con, UKIP, and BNP are all contesting that seat. It is the first real test of voter sentiment post expenses scandal and a foretaste of things to come on the 4th of June.

Bertie_Bert said...

I wouldn't hold out too much hope for Blairs.
Some of Tony Blair’s expenses claims, which the High Court last week ruled should be disclosed to the public, have been shredded. The documents, itemising Blair’s claims for household expenses during a year of his premiership, were destroyed in the midst of a legal battle over whether they should be published. All MPs’ expenses are funded by taxpayers.

It is a criminal offence to destroy documents to prevent their disclosure under freedom of information (FOI) laws, but Westminster officials say they were unaware that the files were the subject of a legal challenge.

To Red, dont you ever stop and think about how daft you really are, repeating the same old drivel over and over, ever thought what Islam will do to the likes of you given a chance?
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Anti-gag said...

Dear Abu Abdullah,

Can I ask a question, how did you embed the link (by-election) into your comment?

I assume you use a HTML tag, but I've tried all the obvious ones and none seem to work. How is it done?

Thanks in anticipation for your help.
Chris Hill

Abu Abdullah said...

Suppose you want to embed the link "www.google.com" in the text "Google".

Put <a href='http://www.google.com'> immediately before "Google" and </a> immediately after "Google".

This is the result: Google.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Abu Abdullah,

Great thanks for the info, I'll try it out right now:
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Chris Hill