Monday, 18 May 2009


So at last we have what we expected. Ian Mc Cartney has been found to have his little nose in the trough as well.
He says he paid back £15,000 he overclaimed in expenses.

That is an admissiom of guilt. If he paid them back he shouldn't have claimed them in the first place.

A bill for a £1100 wardrobe was reduced to £600 when he claimed for it showing that even by the lax standards operating it was excessive.
A claim for £817 for towels, a vacuum cleaner, a £1300 sofa, a dining room table etc was justified by saying that he had to move house. Dit he not take his towels etc with him.

He justifies his claiming for such expenses by saying he did not have private wealth,(a poor working class man aw diddums), forgetting that his ministerial salary was in the region of £120,000 and later he picked up £114,000 for a PART TIME job at the Fluor corporation.

It's a long time since he joined the "Gravy Train" and ceased to be working class.
Could he not have paid for the towels and furnishings out of these inflated salaries.

He says he has nothing apart from his reputation. He never had much of that.
The "working class" he claims to come from would have been in jail for such things.

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