Friday, 29 May 2009


The BBC has excelled even its past standards of bias over the last 24 hours.

First we were treated last night to what amounted to a party political broadcast for the Greens and UKIP where everybody on the panel and in the specially selected audience urged people not to vote BNP. They called us fascist racists and thugs but there was no way we were accorded the right of reply.
Why are the Greens and UKIP given a platform when we consistently beat them in local elections?
The answer is obvious. The ruling class fear us and they know we will introduce true democracy and clear these thieves out.

Farage he of the £2 million expenses will not furnish us with details of them but he is promoted. However I feel he has shot himself in the foot as people can see what a slimy character he is.
Would you buy a second hand car from him? No I thought not.

Tonight on News North West the minor parties were featured.
Socialist Labour, the Scargill party which wants a 4 day week and retirement at 55. That will help us compete against the Chinese.
The Christian Party, two black men who want to represent us, the British people.
The slimy UKIP campaigning against immigration WITH A SRI LANKAN CANDIDATE?
How bizarre is that?
An Independent whose policies we are still no wiser about.

The Greens who believe in taxing fuel but never mention the large families of immigrants which cause the building over our country.

The English Nationalists who want us to split up from our own people in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland but have no other policies.

Libertas and the Jury parties who do not state any policies on how to solve the massive problems of the future but want our votes. What they stand for God knows.

What's missing here is the party which has consistently out performed these other apologies for parties . We get no mention.
There is a concerted campaign by the media and especially the BBC to isolate us. Why?
Politics is only a difference of opinions.

Could it be that they know we will clean up the system and these anti British parasites know their jobs could be on the line in future.
They are only concerned about the cushy numbers of them and their friends and don't care about our country.

Whatever the outcome of the election our star is rising. We are this country's only hope.We are the only way we will avert civil war which will come if we true Brits do not get our rights in OUR country.

Let's do it in a peaceful and democratic way. Let's clear out this anti British fifth column and stand up for our people and country.
The only way to do this is to VOTE BNP.

It's up to we Brits to do our duty, don't just think about it,DO IT and VOTE FOR A JUST AND FAIR SOCIETY, and support the only party which cares about you and our country,



Anti-gag said...

Dear Charles,

All can I say is you mirror my thoughts exactly.

Chris Hill

Lantern said...

Anyone with half a brain can see it's a witch-hunt and a show trial. I mean, what's the point in holding a trial if only the council for the prosecution turns up?
The establishment treats the BNP like Nu-Labour treats tobacco. It's legal, kind of, but they treat it like it isn't.

And that Sri-Lankan postmaster stuff was an establishment stunt right from the start I reckon. I think it was all planned out that he would refuse to serve non-English speaking customers. Then the media hype it up to get public sympathy for him, he gets sacked and the Lib-Dems throw him out, more hype, then he's "invited" to stand for UKIP. And who is our candidate in the North-West? Well go join the dots.

the doctor said...

If the opinions and policies of the BNP are not allowed to be aired on the television , radio or the news media then how am I able to make an informed decision on who to vote for . Questions;
does this breach electoral law , and if I am not allowed to make a informed decision are my human rights being infringed ?

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Very good call Doctor!

Can we delve a little more and see if we have a viable case on the issue?

red said...

does it not bother you lot that the majority of people think you are evil nazis and horrible people? i guess you must sit down and think why do so many people detest us? why do so many want to puke at what we say. As my old dad used to say...their face will stand clogging!

Bertie_Bert said...

So exactly where are all thse EXTREMIST BNP people?
The media MPs Clergy the BBC question time, repeating accusations of nazi, racist,homophobic, spent the best part of the last 3 weeks publishing complete and utter drivel about the BNP using Polish spitfires (when it was in fact a tribute to the Polish pilots), using American models on their leaflets (when in reality they are stock photographs that advertisers use all the time, and it being illegal to use real nurses etc), Saying the BNP want to deport all non whites(which is NOT true), The Queens tea party, anti-Ghurka leaflets that were NOT BNP leaflets and on it goes , So lets sum up, IF the BNP were as bad as the media make out, why the need to make up lies?
Stands to reason if the media, UAF, Searchlight, has facts that were actually true THEY WOULD HAVE NO NEED TO SMEAR AND LIE !

Andrew said...

Wigan Today:
Bill Burrows,
Wigan 30/05/2009 12:45:14
Poster 95
................. The other day I read about the guy, Morgan. A typical BNaziP member. The site I was on followed a discussion on gun making !!!. I wont go into detail but a quote by Morgan, "at least we could take some of them with us".

I hope Morgan will face him on Wigantoday and put this waste of skin right.

Andrew said...

Whats this about (r)ED thinking he had a Dad? According to Wigans immigration apologist. Wigan is full of incestuous inbreeds. So (r)ED's Dad could be his Brother. (r)ED's sister could really be his sister. It would answer a lot!

Who is evil nazi and horrible? I see nothing but that off you. I bet you look like a troll too.

Anonymous said...


" I hope Morgan will face him on Wigantoday and put this waste of skin right. "

Morgans sorting the Traitors out now !

via the pen which is mighty than the sword. ( Or clawhammer ).

Andrew said...

There is enough on those C.A.P's to get them collectively sued now.

I know verbal tolerance is BNP policy but being able to have the sword of damacles over their heads sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...



ARE ???

I will say no more .....

Lantern said...

Red, all you've done so far is chant strings of rude names like this is a playground. Now that is not an argument putting your case. Here's a challenge: Without using any rude names, and without mentioning the BNP, what is your political vision? You call yourself Red. Are you a Marxist-Leninist, Maoist or a Trot? Do you belive Britain should exist at all? What do you think?
Or are you a minor who's on here just to have a laugh?