Saturday, 30 May 2009


So our illustrious Lord Peter Smith is not just a pretty face (see below). In between claiming expenses, what for I don't know he has made it into "Private Eye". He has gained national publicity(notoriety?) over his actions at Wigan Metro.
It seems the good lord has been up to a bit of jiggery pokery according to the "Eye".

He wanted to knock down Leigh Girls Grammar School against the advice of the Victorian Society and English Heritage.
After a site visit eight members of the planning committee who were initially willing to follow the advice of their illustrious leader saw the horror of the proposed vandalism and changed their minds.

However our lord after the meeting took them on one side and prevailed on them to overturn their previous decision and vote for demolition.
It's nice to see democracy in action. We really do get value for our money from his Lordship, he really is worth all his expenses.
Opposition members have reported this incident to the Standards Board of England.

The good lord (the one from Wigan not the other one) denies any impropriety but one councillor has said he will give evidence of how the baron tampered with the democratic process.

No wonder we have had the vandalism of the now almost bankrupt Grand Arcade destroying priceless Roman remains , the worst road system of any town in the North West and Haigh Hall falling in to dereliction with clowns such as "Lord" Smith in charge.
It's God help Wigan if we do not get rid of him at the earliest opportunity.

People like this have held our town back for far too long.

£52,000 per year? how's that for value for money?


Sir Henry Morgan said...

" So our illustrious Lord Peter Smith is not just a pretty face "

... er ... how about not EVEN a pretty face?

Andrew said...

I wondered what he did for a living. Now I know. Smashes up our priceless heritage and ensures there are no worthwhile transit links into/out of/across town.