Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Lancaster Unity is the website of Lancaster UAF. It’s where Declan and Denise post, and could almost be considered as the Homepage of all of the UAF.

They have put a very interesting post up today. It’s not about the British, but rather our cousins the Germans, and it reminds me very much indeed about the numbers reading our party Homepage compared to those reading the pages of all the other political parties (combined):

A study funded by Germany’s Interior Ministry showed that more than twice as many German boys belong to anti-immigrant or neo-Nazi groups than claim membership of the major political parties’ youth organizations.

Out of more than 26,000 youths surveyed in 2007 and 2008, 4.9 percent of boys said they belonged to a “right-wing group or ‘Kamaradschaft’,” the study by Hanover-based research institute KFN showed. That compares with as many as 2 percent that belong to youth organizations for established parties.

It’s shocking that these right-wing groups can be more successful at mobilizing our youth than the established parties,” KFN Director Christian Pfeiffer told reporters today in Berlin. …

[ … ]

… Some 2.6 percent of girls said they belonged to anti-immigrant and neo-Nazi organizations.

[ … ]

The study also revealed that 29.7 percent of youths agreed with the statement that there are “too many foreigners in Germany;” another 34.8 percent tended toward that position …

So go give yourselves a morale boost. There’s nothing quite as effective for that as a good laugh:


Send in a comment – but do be ever so snidely polite. Might care to email Peter 'The Hammer of the People’ Franzen with the good news too (see bottom of CAP page to contact).

You can almost taste the panic and desperation, can't you.


Hahahahahahahaha … oh dear, afraid my lungs are seizing up.



Sir Henry Morgan said...


Ketlan and Denise - not Declan.

Don't know what I was thinking of there.

Andrew said...

I've just read the CAP website. Seems the leaders' brother, (Peter) is not only a deep embarrassment to this still-born fledgling party. Peter Franzen has quite simply given the BNP the ammunition to end them.

The silence from the police is astounding. I am sure they were party to leaking the The time and date of the Leigh event.

If muslims were involved I would of called the terrorist hotline. They are advertising for info (work) on the radio.