Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I have never been busier in 5 years as Wigan organiser. Enquiries are coming in at a rapid rate and accelerating. People are very receptive to our clear message having seen the effects of the disastrous globalising of economies and the fact that when one big one fails others fall in a domino effect.

The old jibes of the other parties and far left against us are daily shown to be without substance.
Their portrayal of us as thugs was shown by the hammer attack on one of our members to be untrue and indeed showed them to be thugs.
The hammer attack is commented upon all over the country in letters to papers as evidence of the undemocratic agenda of our enemies who refuse to debate with us in a civil manner but are prepared th engage in violence against us on the pavement.

The police actions with phone tapping and landlord harassment showed that the State has an anti democratic ie Fascist agenda in true "Common Purpose" fashion. This latter publicly funded organisation states openly that it is preparing for "The Post Democratic" state.
Not much democracy there then.

That is why the other parties have joined to stop our progress. They've all got their snouts in the trough and want to keep them there. That's why they are pro the unaccountable EU.
The other Friday we tempted them out of their holes and they gave themselves away to the disgust of many people.
They really have shot themselves in the foot as my extra work demonstrates.

Locally ex Councillor Franzen has also shown his tenuous grasp on reality as seen in the letters to the local paper grabbed by Morgan below. He said he had photographic evidence of the attacks on him but has thus far failed to produce it.
How can he? He was not attacked and he knows it.

In another exchange in the Evening Post he shows himself to be paranoid as well. He says MI5 and Mossad are watching him .
Does he really think he is that important or wields such clout?
Or is it delusions of grandeur?

He says he was "held by the throat" by a BNP member but could not retaliate as the police would have arrested him. B****CKS.
He says all this persecution has caused his marriage to break up.
Sorry about that ex Councillor I wouldn't wish that on anybody, but could it not be that you are a thoroughly unpleasant man and a liar at that?
Sorry ex Councillor your star is fading and ours is getting ever brighter!

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