Tuesday, 24 March 2009


This is a letter I sent to the Police Complaints Commission re our persecution in Leigh by the police.
I have done it to show we will not take lying down this phone tapping and preventing us having our private functions.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Dear Charles,

Yes this is a very good letter, and it asks some very pertinent questions. Why do I get the feeling it will be totally ignored (after a bland acknowledgement letter of course). I would also suggest that you write to both your local and European MPs, and also to the Prime Minister (address the letter to the PM not to Gordon Brown*). I know what you're going to say here they are part of the problem, but don't let them off the hook just because they are pro UAF. You are a voter in their constituency and they promised to represent all voters don't they, so keep them to that promise?

Please keep myself, and the rest of your readers, up to date on this one.

Chris Hill

Letters to the PM are official communications and are dealt with by the PM's Civil Service office. Those addressed to Gordon Brown are regarded as personal and are answered (if they can be bothered) by his Labour party staff.

Lanky Patriot said...

This letter and other evidence has been forwarded to BNP security and they are taking it further.
Believe me Chris we are not letting this rest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charles,

Excellent letter.

Let's hope Liverpool BNP are able

to bring Peter Franzen, CAP,

to order and make a public apology

and retraction for the Lies and

malicious accusation he has

publicly made in print on this

site and the Wigan Evening Post,

amongst others, alledgeing he was

attacked by Liverpool BNP members

in Leigh, 13\03\2009. Which he

says was witnessed by the Police.

and his alleged photo evidence.

This man is a dangerous liar and needs to be stopped.