Sunday, 22 February 2009

Limp Wristed Labour "attack" Back?

On opening the front door on Friday evening I found amongst the next generation of take-away menu's, a Labour party publication namely called PACT! And this from our very own Leigh South Labour councillors. PACT being a newsletter for Partners & Communties Together, yawn!

Now, given that a number of our BNP activists had been out and about the previous weekend delivering in excess of two thousand leaflets in the Leigh South area and beyond, it was not exactly unexpected that they may come out to counter our publication? And, they have! Albeit with a Winter 2008 heading? Telling us how 87% of people interviewed for PACT said that Leigh South was a good place to live! I agree, it is a good place to live, if only we are given the same privileges afforded to other's that haven't been here as long as we have!

Anyway, I can now sleep easier at night knowing that the top five concerns of those 87% of Leigh South residents interviewed have now been addressed, and in particular, pooper scoopers are to be issued "free of charge" in certain area's of our ward to combat lazy dog owners! And additionally, the rubbish left at the bottom of Hurst Street is to be removed! I can fully understand that these are issues to be addressed, but, these are not the issues I get told about when I am out and about, certainly not!

For just one example: the couple who told me about their child who cannot gain a place at the local primary school even though they are well within the school's catchment area, because it's over subscribed, and yet the school allow's children of immigrants to bypass the system and take these places ahead of our own in the name of diversity! And this happened just after OFSTED attended?

That is just one "real" issue for the people of Leigh South and ignoring the fact that we are being displaced in our very own area of Leigh should send alarm bells ringing to Cllr Rigby who's next in-line in 2010 and then Cllr O'Brien for my colleague in 2011 and last but not least the anti-white racist Cllr Anderson in 2012.

I have submitted a Freedom of Information request to determine just how they attained their findings for this PACT publication. I will let you know the outcome in due course!


Anti-gag said...

Another good local story, and one that I'm sure is being repeated all across the country. Now how about a photo of Leigh, or better still a short video interview with our prospective BNP candidate, for the ward, outside the school in question (after the kids have gone home that is).

Chris Hill

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Hmmmmm..not a bad idea!