Monday, 23 February 2009


There was an article in today's Mail by Melanie Phillips re the increasing popularity of the BNP. Much of it was fair but she could not resist talking of "The odious BNP" and calling us neo fascists. This prompted me to send her an e mail (whether she reads it or not is another matter but she may), which is reproduced below. In it I attempted to explain that we are not as portrayed and the really odious fascists are those of the major parties.
See what you think.

Dear Ms Phillips,

I am a retired GP from a large medical family. I was involved in local government as a Labour councillor until local government re organisation and work commitments made it impossible to continue. I topped the poll every time I stood.
I have been a member of the BNP for 6 years and was proud to be named "on the list" last November.

I take exception to you calling our Party fascist (odious is a matter of opinion) Surely the fascist epithet should be applied to the Labour Party,who, with the silent connivance of the Tories, when not killing and maiming in illegal wars have presided over the squandering of our national assets to subsidise the parasitic bankers of the City and the idle underclass whose reluctance to work is used as an excuse for flooding our country with immigrants.
We have not advocated imposing our "democracy" on reluctant Arabs nor expropriated land belonging to others as has Israel.

Your accusation of "populism" typifies the attitude of the out of touch metropolitan elite who seek to keep we "plebs" down. Populism is democracy, or do you not believe in democracy?.

Nick Griffin was prosecuted for a "speech crime" ie stating an opinion (surely an oxymoron in a so called "free society") He also supports Israel in the Arab Israeli conflict, unlike most "liberals" and "anti fascists".
I have visited Auschwitz and have no doubt about the horror and evil of the place although have to question the numbers. But one murder is too many.
The fact that it is a criminal offence in some countries to even doubt the veracity of the Jewish holocaust does make one smell a rat. All other atrocities can be debated, why not this?

As you say there is nothing wrong with patriotism, all peoples exhibit that sentiment, but this is rapidly eroded by mass immigration of people of different races and cultures and we arrive at a Balkanisation of the country and consequent strife.
Countries as disparate as Japan, China, India,Russia or Israel do not allow unfettered immigration so why should we?

Our party is neither fascist nor racist. All we ask is to have and to hold this small overcrowded island for us in our interests. We do not seek to impose our values on any other country and nor do we say "send all immigrants back".
As you say the people of this country feel betrayed by the major parties. I meet Tories and Labour people daily, and during canvassing and the change in attitude is palpable.
Continually ignoring the people gives them a feeling of impotence and is the cause of low election turn outs.

Further manifestations of contempt of the masses by the elite would lead to civil strife. This is what I as a member of the BNP work to avoid.
Please therefore desist from portraying us as the ogres.
Extremists we are NOT.

Yours sincerely,

Dr C E Mather (MB ChB), phone 01744 892430.
Sandyforth Farm,
Ashton Road,
Billinge, Wigan WN5 7XZ.

P S If you want a public debate I would not give you as easy a run as our Lee Barnes.did recently. Go on, I dare you.

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Anti-gag said...

I believe that at one time the NUJ had a rule (and may still have for all I know) that no member could report on the BNP unless it was to portrayed the party in a negative light.

Freedom of the press in the UK, don't make me laugh!

Chris Hill