Sunday, 7 December 2008


This was published today by a Ugandan journalist in a Ugandan newspaper … in UGANDA.

See for yourselves how low the Labour Party and its political police has brought the reputation of OUR country in the world’s estimation. To be struck dumb with red-faced SHAME by a newspaper article from sub-Saharan Africa … the shame of it … the shame ...

“ … the opposition Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Asford and Shadow Home Office Minister, Mr Damian Green, was arrested and interrogated for nine hours by Counter-Terrorism Command of The New Scotland Yard. It was this officers from this group, it must be noted, that shot and killed an innocent Brazilian, Mr Charles de Menzes on July 22, 2005, because he looked like a terrorist!

Mr Green’s Parliamentary office and residence were also raided by other groups of counter-terrorism officers who took away his files and computers. And by the stroke of a pen, some 300 years of British parliamentary democracy was reduced to Uganda’s level.

[ … ]

However, while the arrest by armed police of opposition politicians is common practice in Uganda, Mr Green’s arrest is unprecedented in recent British history. The last time the British Parliament was invaded by armed soldiers was in 1642 when King Charles I attempted to arrest five troublesome MPs.

That raid led to a civil war, following which King Charles was beheaded, a bloody incident which restored the supremacy of Parliament which the UK has enjoyed until last week.

Just like the Movement government are routinely misusing the police to silence the Opposition, the arrest by Counter-Terrorism Command Police of an opposition politician illustrates the determination by the New Labour government to misuse state institutions to prevent its critics from disclosing vote-losing information to the British people.

This development raises many disturbing questions for Ugandans, Africans and the British people. Has Mr Gordon Brown been publicly criticising Mr Robert Mugabe in the British Parliament, European Union, G8 and the United Nations while privately admiring the ways he deals with the opposition?

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Hasn’t New Labour brought down the UK to the level of the DRC, Ethiopia, Uganda and Zimbabwe where armed police are routinely used to silence the Opposition?
What moral authority has Mr Gordon Brown and his New Labour government got to criticise Robert Mugabe and other African dictators for terrorising the Opposition?

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New laws to permit search of MPs' offices without warrant