Tuesday, 16 December 2008


No doubt some of you will be really irritated with our postmen over the local postal strike.

But have a read, and learn what's really behind all the problems we've been having with the Post Office closures and the difficulties with our postmen (and women ... sorry girls). Our postal staff are deliberately forced into these actions - and also sub-post offices closed - in an effort to make us think that maybe privatisation would be for the best.

Because that is what the politicians and the senior postal management want - the politicians because there is a European Union directive to that effect - not that you'll read that in the press or hear it on Al Beeb - and the senior management because they can smell the riches and share options that the utilities senior management got.

Read these - especially read the second one:



UPDATE: Recommend reading the comments and following the links within the EUReferendum blog linked to above. Here's a sample comment:

This brilliant explanation has haunted me since I read it in May:

"… The postal services directives have exactly the same agenda as all the other so-called 'liberalising' instruments, whether they are dealing with energy, rail services, telecommunications, or whatever. The intent is to break up national monopolies, not for the sake of it, but in order to recreate then on a European level, under the direct control of the EU commission.

Thus, the attack on national monopolies is not an attack on the monopolies per se but an attack on nationalism – it is an attack on the nation state, an attempt to reduce the power and influence of the member states. As such, the EU has no rooted objection to monopolies – it is, after all, itself a monopoly. Its apparent enthusiasm for 'competition' is simply a smokescreen to gull free-market liberals into supporting its deeper agenda."


http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2008/0 ... phase.html



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Lanky Patriot said...

The Post Office and its workers are being sold down the river by slimy Mandelson and his fellow Labour members.
I accept there is always room for improvement in efficiency but why does it have to entail being sold off to foreign (nationalised) companies.? Why do all the pension liabilities have to be taken over by the government? Why should any company cherry pick the best bits.
The Post Office may be a business, nothing wrong with that but it is also a SERVICE. I can't see any foreign company taking that aspect over.